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At Grow Eat Move we love to receive posts from you and know that everyone has something to add to the wellness community.

If you would like to write for us then send your submissions to write@groweatmove.com and include the following: ​

  • Title and Content of Post - this should be put in the body of the email and not an attachment
  • Images - include any photos or graphics for your posts. They should be by in jpg format and no bigger than 100MB
  • Bio - Include a small description about you and what you do, including a small headshot for the site.

All emails will be written and if they do not include all of the above they will not be considered. Give us 14 days to read your email and make a decision. If we decided to add you post to our site we will email you to let you know and ask you to promote it through your marketing channels and social media.

Please note: All Content MUST be Original​

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