Setting Your Yoga Goals

Getting To Know You & Your Body - Setting Your Yoga Goals

So now we are going to work through some great tips and tricks to help you properly understand your body and how it relates to your sport. What you will learn is....

  • How previous injuries could be affecting you now
  • Which parts of your body are weakest
  • How your breathing is affecting your performance
  • How well you can recover both physically and mentally from training and competing
  • What you put in your body says about your performance levels
  • What your focus is like and how this could be affecting your sports performance
  • Where to focus your yoga practice for the maximum benefits for you in your sport
sport & Injury review

Sport & Injury Review

This is the first video on this series and it is starting the process of getting to know yourself. Although it is the first video it is still vital to go through it. In this edition you will be looking at your injuries and how your body feels. By looking at problems that keep cropping up you might be able to detect a pattern to your injuries and get your first ideas of where you might want to target your yoga. Watch it Here

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