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You have just found the person of your dreams....

Ok, at least the sports yoga coach of your dreams which is something you probably weren't expecting.

I know what your thinking right now and it probably is not that nice but let me stop you there. I can offer​ you certain things that you will not be able to argue with:

  • ​I Love Sport - I watch loads of it, I have my favourites to watch and to compete at but I know there are unbelievable demands put on any athlete's body.
  • I Get Your Body - I run about 40km per week and so know how a body can change through repetitive movements. I also know that whatever sport you do your body is different to people who do not do your sport.
  • I Know How Yoga Helps - through training and practice I have an amazing knowledge about how to apply yoga to you and your body so you actually get the benefits.
  • I Want You to Succeed - obvious right! It matters to me that my clients are successful, after all the better you do the more you will tell people how brilliant I am.
  • I'm A Bit Bonkers - Ok so I'm not actually sure this is a selling point but it means my yoga classes are always fun whether done in a group session or 1:2:1. If your lucky I might even tell you about the problems of practising yoga after drinking a couple of glasses of wine. But the only way to hear that story is to work with me.

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Mercedes Aspland Sports Yoga Online Owner

I wanted to introduce myself properly. So here I am the answer to all your prayers, well most of them. I'm committed to giving the highest standard when delivering yoga sessions and care about you. Get in touch and I can sort you out a training plan that will fit in with what you already do but give you the quickest possible returns for the least amount of effort.

I have a unique approach that I have developed through experience and allows you to enjoy your sessions while also getting awesome benefits. I have trained with Hayley Winter and use a number of bits of here LESS is More approach. This means you can get the following benefits:

  • Longevity  - stay in your sport for longer. Now who would not want that!
  • Endurance - play more often, last longer and go further
  • Speed - move quicker and increase reaction times
  • Strength - have more power with more efficient muscle activation

Want tips on how to get all of the benefits of yoga in your own home. Then sign up to my mailing list and you will get some of the best advice out there. Plus when I have a special offer you will be the first to hear about it meaning it could save you money too!

Elliott Harris Footballer

I've learn't different techniques to relax myself before games so it's helped me to benefit by being more composed in certain situations. I became more flexible and it increased my sharpness. 

Daniel Norris Management Team, London Colney FC

Mercedes came to London Colney FC and did a 8 week course of sports related Yoga. As a team we found the sessions informative, interesting, engaging and reduced our muscle injuries by easily 80%, from the time Mercedes left we only lost one fixture and kept the same squad of players for 25 games with no serious muscle pulls or over use injuries. For Sport Related Yoga I can't Recommend Mercedes Highly enough.

I have worked with a lot of footballers but my skills are so good I can work with any sport. Find yours below:


The use of yoga in football was made famous by Ryan Giggs and it is hard to argue with the way his career was helped by yoga. At whatever level you play football yoga can help you get the maximum results from your body.

Increase focus and concentration, reaction times, joint stability and flexibility and so reduce risk of injury with a yoga programme specially designed for you and your sport.                            


As a swimmer you will know that you are often using your body to the maximum and yoga could be the perfect tonic for hard training sessions. Just taking some time out to focus on you and your body can make you more aware of the condition you are in.

Awareness can let you know if you are pushing too hard or not and so you can either push on or take a step back to get your best training results.


Tennis is a highly dynamic sport with rapid changes in direction so having good balance is an absolute must. In addition to that it is a sport that not only requires a large amount of power in the lower body but also in the upper body.

Through effective use of a yoga program you can benefit significantly from the LESS is more approach developing strength, power and dynamic balance.


There are so many physical demands that are placed on people involved in equestrian activities that yoga can be a huge benefit.

Sitting in one position for any length of time can cause the body to become rigid and tense. A Tailored Yoga Program can be developed that will relax and release the body allowing you to be more fluid and taking that into your riding allowing you to be more effective.


Running puts a lot of pressure on the muscles and the bones of the legs often leading to muscle tears, fractures and ligament damage, particularly in the lower leg.

Yoga can work with your capabilities to stretch and strengthen your muscles making them ready for hard training and competing. Also many of the balances in yoga can help to stabilse the joints in the body again reducing the risk of injury.


Focus and balance are vital for anyone who wants to be a successful golfer. Through many of the yoga breathing and focusing techniques you can develop single pointed focus allowing you to block out distractions.

As well as developing mental focus the many tailor-made techniques can aid your physical stability which can have a knock-on effect to your performance.


Rugby is very much a power sport however with many of the requirements of the sport the body can be left quite stiff and this can actually slow your progress.

By working with a Yoga Sports Trainer you can develop a larger range of motion and to maintain strength through this range thereby allowing you to devlop more power where needed.


Most dancers and gymnasts have excellent flexibility but may lack some of the strength that is gained through yoga and so have a greater risk of injury.

Yoga can help to bring your strength and flexibility into balance and also help you to coordinate your breath and movement to get more out of your training and have an extended career.


Cycling puts a lot of pressure on your legs leading the leg muscles to become tight and fatigued and causing significant pain around the IT Band. Yoga can be used to release some of that tension and bring more flexibility to your legs.

Increased flexibility can reduce the risk of injury and muscle tears. In addition the breathing techniques that you use in yoga can help you to get more out or your perforance.


Being able to get in the zone and remain calm is vital in boxing and can have a disarming effect on your opponent. By working with one of our experienced coaches we can devlop a program that will enable you to develop single pointed focus.

By working alongside your coaches it can help you develop structural and functional fitness. This will allow you to go longer in the ring and develop greater strength.


Lifting weights can often lead to an imbalance in the muscles of the body in terms of both strength and flexibility due to the repetitiveness of the activity.

Weight lifters who regularly practise yoga can bring more balance to their body which could potentially allow you to go further and lift heavier weights. Plus certain breathing techniques could be utilised to help you lift more.


Different martial arts will have different requirements so your Yoga Sports Trainer will work with you to get the program that fits you perfectly. Some of the things that of use will be a exercises that support your range of motion and the power through that range.

Your trainier can also work with you on single pointed focus so that you go into competition completely calm and focused.


Your sports yoga coach will work with you to ensure you get the best possible program for you, your sport and where you are within that sport. For that reason you will undergo a full assessment prior to beginning any yoga program. The Initial Assessment will last for about 90mins-2hrs and will consist of the following:

  • Physical
  • Functional
  • Breathing

A number of tests will be conducted that are designed to analyse your respirator efficiency, again taking the demands of your sport into account.

After the Initial Assessment your sports yoga coach will be able to devise a yoga program that is specifically tailored to you. In addition if you have any other sports professionals that you work with such as strength & conditioning coaches and physiotherapists that you would like to bring into the discussion that would be great and can really enhance the benefits.

With all this data at their fingertips your sports yoga coach will use their experience to put together a tailored program for you to get the maximum benefits but still sticking to the LESS is more approach.

Tailored Programs

After you have completed the initial Assessment your trainer will have a good idea of you, your sport and your requirements within your sport. All of that will allow them to produce a tailored yoga program specifically for you. Your program will include the following

  • 1:2:1 Classes  – These will be held once or twice a week at a time and location agreed upon. They are usually an hour long but it is possible to run shorter classes if time is tight and this can be decided between us dependant on your schedule.

  • Remote Coaching – This is where you are provided with techniques to practise between sessions. The aim is to keep them short and giving you something that easily fits into your training schedule and can be combined with other activities.

  • Skype Support – Support can be offered over Skype, email, text and Facetime where you need a refresher or advice on something you are practising. This can also be useful if your situation changes and you need to make adaptions to the program as you go.

  • Personal Approach – Get a 100% personal approach where you work with one trainer that you have direct access to. You will have complete continuity of care so that your circumstances and personal requirements are always taken into account.

  • Expert Access – Your trainer has access to a team of the most experienced professionals in the Yoga Sports Science network ensuring that all of the methods and approaches used are the most up to date.

To find out more please get in touch for a free discussion on how Sports Yoga Coaching can help you and to book your Initial Assessment.

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