You Are Where You Are Supposed to Be!


This is something my current spiritual teacher is always telling me and there was a time when I would have heard that and thought it was complete nonsense. Now I get it my life just seems to be falling into place.

Throughout my life I have read loads of self help and definitely read the main most influential writers like Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale, Louise Hay, Ester & Jerry Hicks, Dr Wayne Dyer and the list goes on. The problem I have always found is that I read these books but I felt I was not making many changes then one day I read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and not only did I feel like I made massive changes in my life but I realised the changes I had made throughout my life.

The major difference was I started to see the difference between the inner me and my ego and I realised that it was my ego that was expecting to read a book and then have a totally different life. It was unaware of the small changes, the little steps I was making to as Dr Wayne Dyer puts it a self-actualised life. I'm still learning and working to get there but I've started to realise that where I am right now is where I am supposed to be.

As soon as I became aware of being comfortable on where I was I started to also open up to the signs that were being sent to me and showing me where I needed to be. Recently I have completely relocated from London to Devon and when deciding to me there were so many things that led me to choosing Devon and I was not even aware of the guidance I was being given until I reached my current location.

So I have been thinking about leaving London and setting up a yoga retreat for at least a couple of years and I have found a couple of places before both in France and just before I was about to go ahead something stopped me. The first place was this amazing property but on getting the reports through it was full of lead and asbestos and I got this gut instinct that the house was going to sink me and so I pulled out.

The second place was also in France and I was ready to sign the contracts but the seller had some delays and it took longer to get them to me. Then the day before I was due to sign I spoke to a friend who has a massive property portfolio and he told me that buying a property in France was the worst thing I could do and I would only lose my money. My ego would have ignored the advice and ploughed on regardless but the inner me listened, I did not go ahead and I help back to think about things.

So my mum recommended the south west of England, anywhere from Cornwall, Devon, Somerset or Dorset and we started our investigations. After taking a weekend in Devon and Dorset we decided we liked the area and we would look for somewhere to rent before we bought. This is where things got really weird and it was like something else was helping me find the right place.

We started by booking a holiday home in Cornwall for a couple of weeks and we would drive around and look at places. We arrived and it was desolate and totally isolated plus it took at least a couple of hours to drive to a lot of the places we liked. After just a couple of days it was clear we did not like where we were staying and so we left and found somewhere in Torquay to rent. It was this lovely 2 bedroomed terraced house that was really comfortable and close to all the amenities.We then looked at properties within an hour of here and we found a great property with a pool and a sea view (well estuary but close enough). The day we went for a second viewing of the property we were not sure if it was right but decided to go out to dinner and think about it. We looked for an Indian restaurant in Torquay but did not know where we were driving but we did know there was a great Thai in Paignton and so we drove there. On the way we stopped outside the Paignton Spiritualist Church and noticed a sign that said there was a demonstration of mediumship at 7:30pm, perfect timing.

After a great meal we attended this demonstration and from the moment we stepped through the door the atmosphere was uplifting and welcoming and we just knew we were doing the right thing. The next day we accepted the offer to move into the property and moved in 9 days later.

I can see now that I was led at every stage to find this place and having now found a house in Torquay that is perfect for my yoga retreats and classes I know I am where I am supposed to be. Every time I drive to Torquay it is like I am coming home and instead of thinking it is right I know it is right and I know I was guided by something to be here right now.

To you this probably just sounds like a great story but you can see no relation to your life but believe me it is important for everyone. We all get these gut feelings, these signs and we chose to either ignore them and listen to them. What I didn't realise is that if you act from the ego then you will ignore them because the ego always thinks it knows best, if you act from the inner you, your soul, your God essence, whatever you call it then you will listen and act.

If you take some time to analyse your life, every time you have listened to this inner voice and the followed the signs you have been sent it has always led you to somewhere great and every time you ignore them it causes you turmoil. The hardest thing for me is knowing whether your decisions are coming from the inner you or your ego and this is where you need to put in the work.

Whenever you need to make a decision, take your time and get to a quiet space and take a step back. I was reading a book recently and it talked about how when you act from the ego you are serving yourself and if you act from the inner you then you are serving others around you. One is selfishness and one is kindness. So really it is about honesty are you doing something to grow or to protect, is it fear or love?

Answering these questions are the most important thing and this is why I make time for meditation everyday as well as writing in a journal. The more you interact with yourself then more you know what is you and what is your ego. To me it is listening to the feeling I get in my stomach, when it is the ego I get churning in my stomach and I feel fear rising. When the decision is from my inner me it causes no anxiety and it just flows and feels natural. It is something that everyone has experienced and so taking time to feel these feelings will really help you.

If you would like more tips and advice on this issue then please add your questions and comments below and I will answer them all.

About the author, Mercedes Aspland

Mercedes is a transformation coach, helping people to transform their businesses, health, money mindset and more. With over 30 years experience in personal development and almost 20 in business she is uniquely positioned to support others in making the changes they need to live the life of their dreams.

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