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I have recently been taking a course in spiritual awareness and during my training I have seen some amazing things happen and it has also made me more aware of the things going on around me.

One of the major things I have learned is about the energy we all have within us and how we can use it to impact other people and in the same way how others can affect our energy.

We have all experienced the negative energy of a work colleague or loved one that is having a bad day. Sometimes they can walk into a room and literally suck the energy out of it, leaving you feeling below par and generally out of sorts.

By the same token think back to that close friend who turned up one day full of joy and happiness and left you feeling wonderful, even if you were a bit blue. It is like they gave you a little bit of their energy to boost you up.

If we are honest we have all had times where we are either the giver or taker of energy. I hate it when I sap others energy but I know I have done it and work hard to do it as little as possible. I have also found myself in a really bad mood just from the stresses of other people around me which I hate equally as much.

The first time I became aware of just how significant another person's energy could be was about 17 years ago, although I was completely unaware that it was down to energies at the time. I was only 17 years old and my mum was a foster carer when one day 2 children arrived that appeared to be happy on the outside. They had been their less than 2 hours when I was suddenly taken over with rage, like I wanted to throw something and cry at the same time.

It was very clear to me in that moment that what I was feeling was not my emotion but that of the children who had just moved into our home. Now whether you put this done to just being in tune with them, energy transfer or the collective consciousness is irrelevant, it happened and it happens to people all of the time.

Once we know this there are then 2 ways in which we can use it:

1. To Protect Our Own Energy, ensuring we remain strong

2. To Give only uplifting energy to other people.

Neither of these things are easy to do and take time to learn, not to mention the fact that even if you know how to do it there will be times when you slip. I have put together my guide for how to take care your energy but still be able to share the love.

1. Learn to Feel Your Energy

In some ways this first step is the most vital and also the hardest to do. We spend so much of our lives in our minds we forget about feelings and senses. The best way to become familiar with your inner energy is to develop a regular meditation practice. When in a place of stillness start to feel the vibrations within the body. Everybody will feel their inner energy in a different way but you may find it vibrates more slowly when your mood is low and faster when you are feeling happy. The most important thing is to learn how you work.

2. Regularly Check In With Your Inner Energy

Once you have learned how to feel your energy in a meditation begin to develop your skills so you can do this at any time. Just take a few deep breaths and feel what is going on inside you. This is really just a matter of practice, the more you do it the easier it becomes.

3. Learn to Move Your Energy

Once you can identify your energy you can begin to work with it. This means you can learn to expand it away from you and also pull it in and hold your energy at your centre. This is an essential step as it will allow you to develop all the tools you need. Once you can control your energy you can bring it in around energy vampires and give it out to others when you want to. At this stage you are not worrying about others just learning your own personal control.

4. Practice with Uplifting Friends

Now is where you try your techniques out on others and not only lift their mood and your own but also learn to protect yourself. When you are in the company of someone you are close to and your energy is high, become aware of it. Focus on spreading your energy to take them in and watch their mood. This will be even more effective if they are a little low. Like with the other steps the more you practice the better you will become.

5. Develop You Protection

When you first start practicing with friends you might find that as you give out energy you feel depleted because you have not yet learned the art of protection. Now is the time to start working with people you don't know or people that you know drain your energy. The next time you are in an energy draining situation, notice it and being to draw your energy into your core and hold it there. When the person has left the room or the situation has passed expand your energy back to take in your whole body. See how much better you feel.

6. Put it All Together

Now you know how to give out energy and protect energy practice putting it all together. So when you have a friend who needs support work on giving them a small amount of energy but keeping enough protected at your core so you stay feeling great. This may take some time to master but once you get it you will find yourself on a much more even keel most of the time.

As you work through the above steps and develop your skills I recommend keeping a journal and recording any of the work you do. This is not only great for the way in which you will feel about yourself but it will also show you the progress you are making and aid in your skills for developing a much more heart-centred life.

I am always working on my energy control and learning new things so I would love to hear your thoughts and ways in which you control your energy and how this impacts your life.

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About the author, Mercedes Aspland

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