Marathon Training Update


I stopped my daily posts because, put simple, they were boring..... for you and for me!

It is not that I did not want to keep you updated but life got in the way and so much has happened to me recently that I just did not know what to tell you and I have definitely not had the time.

So how is my marathon training going?

The answer to that is that it basically is not. I have barely run for the last few weeks for a number of reasons and so I am thinking about just walking the marathon or doing a combo of running and walking.

​I'm still on the fundraising but have a long way to go. Please help my campaign and donate to the Samaritans here.

So Why have I not been running?

Injuries is the simple answer to this plus other things so below is my list of running barriers:

1. Bicep Tendonitis - this is something I have suffered from before and it got so bad it was affecting my mental state.

2. Toenail Infection - my toenail started to come away and I got an infection in it and so I needed to have a mini operation to remove it.

3. ITB Syndrome - this was significantly reducing my running time as any decent resulted in extreme knee pain that then lasted for a couple of days. I have been running ice cold water over it daily and am hoping that will do the trick for the day of the marathon.

4. Exhaustion - basically I was pushing my mind and body to keep running and this was actually meaning I was getting less sleep. All of that added up to the fact I was just not able to recover quickly enough and I was constantly on empty. It was vital for me to rest and get some extra sleep.

5. I Moved - when I say I moved I do not me just down the road I have actually relocated from London to Devon. It was a major move and took a lot of effort but I know have somewhere much quieter and more in tune with what I want out of life to base myself. The view from my window is amazing, there is little or no noise and I can see the stars. It has definitely helped with the sleep that is for sure.

If I am completely honest I am not looking forward to running this marathon and in fact I think it is probably the most stupid thing I have ever done and I am looking forward to when it is over. I am a bit disappointed as I was really enjoying running but all this training has made me hate it. I am hoping that after a bit of a rest I will get some enthusiasm back.

I will probably publish one more post just before the marathon and then one after it is complete just to let you know how it went and if I forced myself to finish it.


I am running the London Marathon to raise money for the Samaritans in memory of my dad who committed suicide in 2007. I have quite an ambitious total but if we all get together I am sure I can do it!

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