Marathon Training 7th February 2016


I had another night where I was woken up in really bad pain and now I’m starting to get worried.

After doing some reading and mediation I decided to do a bit of yoga, even though today had meant to be a complete rest day. I was so glad I did as this helped to stretch and wake up my tired body.

Recently I have been reading a book called Deep Healing by Dr Emmett Miller and in it he describes how people can heal themselves by using deep relaxation and self hypnosis. With the pain in my shoulder I thought “What the Hell” and decided to give it a go today.

I listened to an hour long relaxation recorded by Dr Miller and it was a strange experience. I had some strong emotions come up and for the first half of the relaxation the pain in my shoulder was excruciating and then gradually it went off and it felt as though it was moving into my chest but was different.

After the relaxation my shoulder felt much freer and I had virtually no pain. I’m not sure it will stay like that but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

​A donation of just £15 could allow the Samaritans to give ongoing email support to one person and when you think that could have a dramatic effect on a whole family it is amazing value. To donate go over to my Just Giving Page or text 'MASP81 £15' to 70070 to give £15

I have to be honest and apart from my yoga practice I spent the rest of the day pretty much just flopping on the sofa. I need these days to be able to continue to run.

Brunch - Soya Latte & Croissant

I had my regular Sunday morning trip to my local coffee shop for a croissant and coffee. It was not quite enough to keep me going and so I followed it up with a Rice Cake & Almond Nut Butter.

Lunch - Sunday Roast

It is standard practice on Sunday to have a late lunch and to get as hungry as possible and then stuff my face, which is exactly what I did this week!

Snack - 4 Squares of Dark Chocolate

My late lunch is normally enough to get me through to the end of the day but I just can’t resist treating myself.

The pain had stayed off for most of the day although it did start to increase in the evening and I could definitely feel it during my night time yoga and meditation. I was sure it would be ok at night but I could feel the anxiety setting in as I went to bed which is the worst thing to do, but let’s see.

Marathon Countdown​



I am running the Virgin Money London Marathon for the Samaritans and doing all of this is memory of my dad who committed suicide when I was just 25. I cannot tell you how much an act like this can devastate an entire family. The Samaritans is a completely confidential service that is just there to listen to people. The act of being listened to could stop someone from committing suicide and so save not just one person but an entire family. Please support this amazing charity.

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