Marathon Training 3rd February 2016


Tired is not the word this morning! I know I gave myself an extra 30 minutes in the morning but with the late night it really was not enough.

One of the weird things is that my body is in such a routine of when it goes to sleep and gets up that if I disrupt that routine it just seems to cause me pain.

I still made it out for my run today which was due to be 10 minutes easy running, then 5 short sprints of 20 seconds each, with a minute of easy running between them and then finally ending with 5km of easy running.

As with yesterday I tried hard not to check my pace, which is difficult when all I need to do is look at my watch. Instead I ran with what felt right for my body, sprinting at a speed that felt natural and making my easy run so that I could breathe easily.

Generally my run was fine, there was just one major problem, an ice like wind. I mentioned recently that the windy conditions made it fell like I was running into a wall, well today I was running into an ice wall. At points my eyes were just uncontrollably streaming, and then my nose started going and my arms and legs were so cold.

Apart from the cold though the run actually went very easily and it meant I had more energy for a slightly more dynamic yoga routine. On a side note about my yoga, I sometimes play my music on shuffle while practising and I have starting putting the songs into playlists, if I like what comes out. You can get my playlist from today here.

As I have been so generous to share my playlist with you why don't you get on over to my Just Giving Page and donate to the Samaritans. I am trying to raise £5000 and need all the help I can get!

I am still having lots of post ideas and today a clear idea came to me. I have recently been getting a bit put off my yoga teachers putting out videos and images that, to me, seem like they are just showing off. Then they spout a load of rubbish about self-acceptance!

To me most people will look at what they are putting out and think “Sure, it is easy to accept yourself when you can do that and look like that.”

This gave me an idea. I am not going to lie, I am thin there is nothing I can do about that apart from going on an eating binge which I’m not in favour of but I am certainly not one of those super bendy teachers. So I am going to put out a series of images, videos and posts of me doing regular yoga poses, like sitting cross legged. To add to this I will share with you all the things I am doing wrong, and what I need to do to improve.

As a person who hates having my picture taken and putting it out there it is going to be a big challenge but I want to create an atmosphere of genuine self-acceptance and get away from the myth of model like yoga teachers that are virtually double jointed - time to get in the real world yoga!

So now that is the world put to rights I suppose I should share my diet for the day with you.

Pre-Breakfast Snack - Rice Cake & Almond Nut Butter

I am getting quite into the habit of having a small snack between my running and yoga.

Breakfast - Raw Oats

I know I’m being very unoriginal with my breakfasts but, I like what I like!

Lunch - Pasta & Salad

There was a small amount of pasta leftover from yesterday so I had that and made a fresh salad to go with it.

Snack - Fruit and Seed Oatcakes

I bought these Nairn’s Oatcakes when I last went shopping and did not realise how much sugar they had in them. A couple of these died in tea of coffee is a great afternoon break but something I will not buy again to make sure I steer clear of the sugar.

Dinner - Tofurky Sausages with Grilled Fennel and Cauliflower Rice

I had a packet of sun-dried tomato and basil Tofurky sausages that I sliced and fried for dinner tonight. This was served with grilled fennel which is so easy to make and cauliflower rice. The ‘rice’ was so good my mum actually asked me if it was quinoa or couscous, when I told it was cauliflower she was totally stunned.

To make the grilled fennel all you need to do is line a baking sheet with foil and heat the grill. Then place sliced fennel on foil, drizzle with oil and a sprinkling of sea salt. Place under the grill for 10-20 minutes turning regularly.

The cauliflower rice is another easy dish and a great way to ensure you are getting good carbs in your diet. Break the cauliflower in florets and sprinkle with sea salt. Steam until cauliflower has softened but still has some bite. Allow to cool for about 10 minutes and then whiz up in a food processor until it looks like a grain. You can leave to cool and have in a salad or fry up in a pan with other veggies to make a fried rice.

As I had been to the football last night I was very tired today and nearly fell asleep at the end of my meditation. I just about made it to bed and knew that I was getting to stay in bed later tomorrow as I am working and so will not be running.

Marathon Countdown​



I am running the London Marathon in memory of my dad who committed suicide in 2007. I know first hand the damage that can do to a family and would do anything to stop others going through what I went through. Please help me support the Samaritans with the aim of ending suicide!

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