Marathon Training 19th February 2016


It is a day off today and I am so tired I can hardly handle it.

The tendonitis in my shoulder is causing me so much pain and the worst thing is the pain wakes me up in the night. I then find it impossible to get back t sleep and the sleep I do get is poor quality.

I did still do some yoga this morning and tried to focus on doing things that would stabilise my shoulder and hopefully start to relieve the pain.

At the moment I am slightly caught up in the fear of everything, with the lack of sleep and the exhaustion I am feeling I just do not know how I am going to run this marathon, I can't even cope with a tiny bit of training.

I am working really hard to stay positive and also to make sure I can do justice to all those people that have donated to my campaign.

Help me to stay positive by donating here or text 'MASP81 £10' to 70070 to donate £10

This is what I am using to power me through my training:

Breakfast - Raw Oats

I had some soya cherry yogurt left and used that for my breakfast, I had some coconut chips in it but had to do without the nut butter as I was completely out.

Lunch - Bean & Vegetable Hash

I decided to have a use up all my remaining veg meal and so this is what I cam up with. I just fried up some onion and garlic then added some broccoli, mange tout, kale, mushrooms and courgette before stirring in some flageolet beans. All I needed to do is season it with salt, paprika and cayenne pepper and finish with a bit of lemon juice.

Snack - Rice Cake & Nut Butter

My new nut butters arrived this morning, 1kg of peanut butter and 1kg of almond butter and I am going to try and make them last the month! I also opened my multi-pack of sea salt and balsamic vinegar rice cakes which are my absolute favourite.

Dinner - Indian Takeaway

I warmed up and ate what was leftover from yesterday, on the hob of course because I never use a microwave!

Evening Snack - Chocolate

I had a very small amount of dark chocolate in the evening.

As I had been feeling tired all day I thought it was best to have an early night and made sure I stuck to my yoga and meditation. Plus as a bit of a bonus the pain in my shoulder seemed to be less tonight than it has been for a while.

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