Marathon Training 15th February 2016


I was back to running today and decided to kick the week off with 11km at easy pace.

It seemed to go ok and I followed it up with my regular yoga session and I only had a slight discomfort in my shoulder so was feeling pretty good.

The problems came later in the day as I started to feel totally drained and like I just had no energy to do anything at all. The training is really beginning to get to me and make me feel that there is no point as I cannot do it.

Then there is the fundraising which seems to be never ending and I feel like I am constantly having to ask people to donate and bother everyone I know. I hate asking people for money but I guess it just has to be done.

So before I get on to what I ate for the day I need to let you know what I have decided about my training. With feeling so shitty I decided to do some research on what can cause this.

I think it is an element of overtraining combined with training fatigue and so I have decided to change what I have been doing. When I began my training I was running 6 days a week and trying to stick to that is absolutely killing me.

So I am now going to train only 3 days a week, saving my long run for the weekend when I can just spend the rest of the day with my feet up.

Text 'MASP81 £10'to 70070 to donate £10 to the Samaritans or donate online here

Then there is my food, I’ve been getting edgy about what I am eating, feeling like I am taking on too many simple carbs but I have come to the conclusion that I need to.

I just need to get through this marathon and then I am going to go on a massive detox. I think I might do Dr Mark Hyman’s 10 Day Detox again. So for that it means only eating vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, tofu and tempeh.

In fact I cannot wait until that day and I can get my body back to feeling great!

Post Run Snack - Rice Cake & Nut Butter

After running 11km I need to eat something right away. If I am honest I should probably have taken something like dates out with me to keep me going while I was running.

Breakfast - Raw Oats

This is where I made my fatal mistake for the day. I have a small obsession about my weight and I think I might have put a couple of pounds on recently and it has been making me worry. So I thought I would try cutting back on my eating a bit too. So I reduced the oats, left out the nut butter and generally had a smaller breakfast.

Cutting back on eating after a longish run was not a good idea and probably only added to my feelings of exhaustion, so I will not be doing this again!

Lunch - Tofu Sausage, Hummus & Rice Cake

I was a bit all over the place today and so I just grabbed something quick that I could take out of the fridge and eat without any prep time. Again another mistake.

Dinner - Vegetable Stew

My mum did me a favour by cooking this evening and actually I had an early dinner at about 4:30pm because I was working in the evening. This was basically a mash up from yesterday’s roast with a few extra bits thrown in and trust me it was very yummy

Evening Snack - Chocolate

I was supposed to be working this evening and after driving 80 minutes to get there the directions were so bad I could not find where I was going and had no contact numbers so I sat in a car park for 20 mins and in the end gave up and went home.

So I spent a total of 2 hours 30 minutes in my car and did not even get to teach. I can only tell you what this did to my energy levels and I know for certain I will not be working somewhere I need to drive in the evening again!

Basically the reason I am telling you this is because when I got home I crammed some chocolate in really quickly.

I was really lazy in the evening as well and did not even bother doing my yoga and decided to read a bit of my book before going to bed and just prayed for a good night’s sleep.

Marathon Countdown



I am running the London Marathon on Sunday 24th April 2016 and am hoping to raise £5000 for the Samaritans. This is a completely free and confidential service offering an ear to anyone that needs to talk about anything.

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