Marathon Training 13th February 2016


After the way I was feeling yesterday and that I was working in the morning I decided to rest today.

I made it a total rest today so no running, no yoga and a bit of extra time in bed. Now my tendonitis is improving and that is meaning I am actually able to sleep.

On the subject of sleeping I have found the most comfortable way to sleep and that is on my back with a pillow under my sore arm.

After working today I basically just spent the whole afternoon on the sofa catching up on some TV, a proper recovery day, in fact so much so that I almost forgot to cook dinner.

Donate to the Samaritans here or text 'MASP81 £15' to 70070 to donate £15​

My diet today was not too bad:

Breakfast - Blackberry Muffin Oatmeal

This is just my regular oatmeal with nut butter, coconut butter, seeds, nuts and almond milk, not to mention the blackberries and oats.

Lunch - Salad

I got back from working at just gone 1pm and so I made a quick salad and made sure I had a decent amount of protein and fat in it.

Dinner - Tofu Scramble

As I said before I was watching TV and then realised I was going to be a belt late for making dinner so had to think of something that would be really quick. I knew I had some silken tofu in the fridge and so knocked this up really quickly.

Evening Snack - Dark Chocolate

I had a few too many squares of chocolate this evening but just needed a little pick me up.

I know that I am going to have a bit of extra time in bed tomorrow and made sure I got to sleep as early as possible so that I could catch up on the sleep I have been missing.

Marathon Countdown



In 2007 when my dad committed suicide I felt like my life had ended too and it took many years to get my life back on track and now want something positive to come out of it. So I am running the London Marathon for the Samaritans and hoping to raise £5000 for them. If this stops just one person committing suicide I will have prevented lifelong effects on an entire family and that is definitely worth it. Please support my campaign by donating.

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