Marathon Training 10th February 2016


I had a tempo run to do today which is a challenge with my tendonitis at its worst.

It was a bit like torture today, not only was there a bitter wind and I knew I was going have to run at a slightly faster pace but my sleep has been so bad with the pain in my shoulder.

About 2 or 3km into my run today I really was starting to question what I am doing. I am putting my body under such stress and it is starting to fight me at every stage. Do I really want to run a marathon?

I have absolutely no idea why I signed up to do this. I seemed like such a good idea but I really did not factor in how demanding the training would be.

I know I am being a bit miserable at the moment but I’m only getting about 5 hours sleep a night and that is broken by the pain so it is just becoming a bit of a slog.

I'm running for the Samaritans. Keep me going by donating on my Just Giving Page or text 'MASP81 £10' to 70070 to donate £10 to my campaign.​

The other irritating thing is my new trainers. I bought 2 pairs of Adidas Boost at the Meet the Experts day and I wish I hadn’t, they are too narrow. I did think they would give but I was wrong and now I am getting bruises.

So I spent about 2 hours researching Nike trainers today and have ordered myself some Air Zoom Pegasus 32 with wide fit and can wait for them to arrive. I ordered 2 pairs and one of them I got customised with my name on the tongues and in the Samaritans colours!

As a plus point, the pain in my shoulder while running was not as bad today as it has been.

Then I did my yoga after my run, my energy levels were so low I kept it very low impact and focused more on stretching. I practised for about 35 minutes today just to work in the most vital areas.

I have also added in some specific stretches and stability work for my shoulders to try and correct the problems that are causing my tendonitis. The problem with it is that I have had the wrong alignment in my shoulders for so long that I am prepared for this to be a long road back.

My eating for today was the following:

Pre-Breakfast Snack - Corn Cake & Peanut Butter

I had one of these after my run and added in a couple of pitted dates to boost my carb intake.

Breakfast - Blackberry Muffin Oatmeal

This is the same as the blueberry version but this time using blackberries that my uncle picked at the side of the road and I took out of my freezer this morning. I was a bit naughty and added in some maple syrup at the end too.

Lunch - Leftovers & Salad

I had a small amount of dinner leftover from last night so I warmed that up and made a lovely fresh salad to go with it.

Dinner - Spaghetti Bolognese

This is one of my favourites and I made it today with some mushrooms and olives added to the sauce. I always try and make sure I have a large sauce as I am not a fan of eating too many carbs in one go. I had about 90g of pasta and then a large amount of sauce full of yummy vegan mince.

After Dinner Snack - Banana Bread

I was feeling a bit exhausted this afternoon and cooking always makes me feel better so I made some banana bread this afternoon. I used this recipe from Cookie & Kate but made a few adjustment. I used spelt flour and changed the eggs for 2 tbs ground flaxseed mixed with 6 tbs cold water. If you leave this mixture for about 10 minutes you will get an egg like substance.

Plus I added in some chopped pecans and had a slice after dinner just to treat myself!

In the evening I felt a bit like I was crawling up to bed and had to be really dedicated to stick to my yoga and meditation practice before bed.

Marathon Countdown



Let's work together to put and end to suicide! I am running the London Marathon and raising money for the Samaritans who offer a free confidential service that is open to anyone that just needs someone to talk to. This unique service does such good work and needs to be supported. Please help me by donating on my Just Giving Page.

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