Marathon Training 29th January 2016


I am definitely back on track today and it feels great!

When I woke up I still had some residual tiredness but as I knew I was only running 3.50km today I was able to stick to going out, despite the wind. I decided to up the pace slightly, not a significant amount but enough to eat my body and completed the distance in just under 23mins.

After my run I did a longer and more dynamic yoga practice as I just seems to have more energy. I often find that as I run more I have more energy for my yoga and the more I put into my yoga practice the more energy I have for the day which in turn helps me run. So basically it is a circle that just keeps me going and improving all the time.​

Fundraising is starting to become a bit of a concern of mine, I really want to achieve the commitment that I made but it feels such a long way off that it is a bit daunting. Help me support the Samaritans and donate here.

My eating was also greatly improved today and I read an interesting article on caffeine that suggest have the odd cup of coffee is not that bad which is what I needed to hear!

Breakfast - Raw Oats​

You might also hear this called Bircher Muesli but as I don’t leave it overnight and actually eat it all raw I suppose I should just call it homemade muesli but there you go I call it raw oats and it is super yummy.

Lunch - Salad​

This is easily my favourite much and I just stick whatever salad bits and veg I have raw into the salad, add some protein (tofu sausages today) and some healthy fats (avocado and pumpkin seeds today) and add the dressing. I try and be experimental with my dressings but always end up going back to this one:​

  • 1 tbs Tahini
  • 2 tbs Cider Vinegar
  • 1 tbs Tamari
  • 1 tsp Sriracha Sauce (or more if you like it hot)

It really is that simple but it tastes amazing but then I have become a bit addicted to both tahini and Sriracha sauce so I guess I am a bit biased.

Snack - Rice Cake & Nut Butter​

I actually only had half a rice cake today and added almond nut butter with a sprinkling of sea salt.​

Dinner - Leftover Takeaway​

I was working this evening, starting at 6:30pm and so I did not feel like cooking before then and as I had some food leftover from last night I thought I might as well eat it to save wasting it.

I got back from my teaching a bit before 8pm and then had a short time relaxing, watching TV before doing my evening restorative yoga and meditation. This leaves me in such a relaxed state I literally crawl into bed and go straight to sleep which I really need as tomorrow I am aiming for 20km!​


I am running the London Marathon in order to support the Samaritans and in memory of my dad who committed suicide. Please help support this amazing charity and prevent just one family from being devastated in the way mine was.

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Mercedes is a transformation coach, helping people to transform their businesses, health, money mindset and more. With over 30 years experience in personal development and almost 20 in business she is uniquely positioned to support others in making the changes they need to live the life of their dreams.

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