Marathon Training 28th January 2016


So today was a complete blow out in terms of training.

I woke up this morning and just felt so tired and just before I went to be I noticed the muscle sin my legs starting to hurt so I thought I needed to rest.

I used a home massage device to massage my tired muscles and release some tension, I then did a yoga practice and I was unbelievably stiff. My body is not made on yoga first thing in the morning but it is better after a run, today was not good and I was beginning to feel my age.​

On the plus side I spent a bit of time focusing on fund raising as I know how important that it. I got in touch with my old school and hopefully I will get quite a bit of support there, fingers crossed. If you believe that suicide should be decision no one should make and want to do everything you can to help then please support my campaign and donate now..

I was slightly concerned about eating today as I had a hairdresser appointment at 1pm and knew that I needed to be organised to sort out my lunch and that was never going to happen today. That meant that lunch was not great and very bitty but that’s real life and not perfection.

Breakfast - Raw Oats​

This is the same as yesterday, once I open a pot of vegan yogurt I need to finish it plus this is probably my favourite breakfast.

Lunch - Snacks​

I actually ate my lunch standing at the fridge just before I went out which, if I had to advice people on eating would be the one thing I would say never to do. I guess rules are meant to be broken. So it consisted of 3 falafels dipped in hummus followed by my 2 remaining dark chocolate coated rice thins. I did warn you it was not healthy!

Snack - Tyrrells Salted Crisps​

Ok so the day is getting worse but I was in the hairdressers and waiting for my mum to get her hair straightened and was really hungry. My hairdresser gave me a bag of crisps out of his draw and well ate them down with a lovely glass of Rose.

Dinner - Indian Takeaway​

As I was having a naughty day I thought I might as well go the whole hog and make dinner unhealthy too. It is bad but could be worse, I do have a Dhansak so get a good dose of protein from the lentils and all the spices are good for you!

After eating I felt really relaxed. I let the food go down nicely and then did my usually restorative yoga and meditation before bed. All of this should put me in the mood to get back on track tomorrow.​


The main reason I am running the London Marathon is to support the Samaritans which is there as a service to talk to people when they really need it. As my Dad committed suicide nearly 9 years ago I know just how devastating an action like that can be. Keeping the Samaritans going is vital and could save others from experiencing what I did.

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