3 Easy Tips To Help You Quickly See Real Physical Benefits From Yoga


November 30, 2015 in Yoga

Guess What?......

You won't believe this but I practised yoga for at least a couple of years before I saw any real physical benefits.

Surely Not.

But it is true which is what make me so passionate about helping you get real benefits.

The main reason for the lack of improvement is inconsistent practise, doing at most 1 class per week and then there were all the other things I was doing in my life that were just resetting my body each week. If you are like me then it can be really frustrating and you start to think it is not really worth it.

The great news is I started to see some super amazing progress in my body when I made a few simple changes.

I now run 5-6 times a week but keep the mobility in my body and hardly suffer from any injuries, bonus!

Now I’m certain I heard you asking how I have managed that, especially as I am now in my mid-30’s (that is just between me and you though).

I did 3 simple things to completely change my yoga practice and I'm sharing them with you here so you can see the same great progress I did:

STEP #1 Use a Little and Often Approach

Ok so this is opposite to the usual yoga approach.

Most people will attend at most 1 class a week for an hour or more and then find their body is in pain. No surprise there - over stretching a stiff body!

Change your mindset.

Put aside 10-15 minutes each day and practice 2 or 3 techniques and do them repetitively.

You want your body to learn something new so it needs to practice.

Think about your sport how many times do you need to practice a new skill. How many times did David Beckham practice free kicks and what about Johnny Wilkinson practising his kicking?

Yoga is exactly the same. And let’s face it who doesn’t have 10 minutes per day. It is so easy to stick to this that just this step could mean major changes.

STEP #2 Put Techniques into Your Daily Life

This maybe takes a bit more thought but is so worth it, plus when you get it you start a new routine and change your body super quick.

Think about ways you can put yoga into the things you already do. Some examples of things that I do include:

  • Practice balancing when picking up something small from the floor
  • When putting your socks on why not give you feet a quick massage
  • Waiting for the kettle to boil is the perfect time to practise your posture
  • Watching TV think about how you sit
  • Take your shoes and socks off when at home, get used to being barefoot

This is all about awareness.

Knowing what is happening in your body means you start to see the areas that need work and you can correct them.


Join me in a video series that will help you understand your body. We will work through all elements of the way you move to work out any instabilities you might have. After working through this you will know exactly what to do to get maximum performance from your yoga.

This is probably the thing that gave the quickest and biggest return on my time and all of the above are things I have used and I now have so much better posture and stability through my body.

STEP #3 Rest After Doing Deep Stretches

If you are using deep stretching after training then give the body time to relax after.

When I go for a run I always do intense hamstring, quad and calf stretches after and then relax in the sauna/steam room at the gym.

This relaxation will have more than one benefit including:

  • Tells your brain the deep stretching is a good thing as you get a reward afterwards
  • Allows your muscles to learn this new length
  • Makes you feel good

This is a fun bit and is really only needed after you have really stretched your muscles and means they do not contract immediately and go back to their pre-stretching length.

A quick word on deep stretches - they should only be done after training to prevent injury.

How impressed are you now, 3 things that are just so easy to do and will mean you actually benefit from yoga and just think of the edge it will give you over your competitors if they are still doing 1 class a week.

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About the author, Mercedes Aspland

Mercedes is a transformation coach, helping people to transform their businesses, health, money mindset and more. With over 30 years experience in personal development and almost 20 in business she is uniquely positioned to support others in making the changes they need to live the life of their dreams.

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