Chocolate, Hazelnut & Coconut Porridge



So this is my second recipe using Flahavan’s Irish Porridge Oats and is actually a porridge recipe plus perfect and chocolatey for a healthy Easter treat. One of the things I loved about using these oats to make porridge is it was so quick, they are so creamy and need very little cooking which is perfect when you really do not have much time in the morning.

I have to let you in to a bit of secret about this recipe and that is the fact I had to make it in the afternoon and I had just had lunch and so did not want to sit down and eat them when they were ready so I just covered them and put them in the fridge. They keep really well for a couple of days and you can always reheat when you want to eat them or do what I did and eat them cold the next day, it was like the perfect overnight oats and just to smooth and creamy.

Before I get in to the details of the recipe I just have to give you a bit of an update on me. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen the pictures of my Smoothie Bowl Challenge and how yummy they are. I have to tell you they are some amazing smoothie recipes and the perfect way to fill yourself up. So far I have noticed my energy levels go up a notch or two and just generally feel better. I am in the process of writing a post that will be out at the end of the month and detail just how my challenge has gone day by day with my Instagram pictures and all the thoughts about me and how it has felt. For now though I will stick to my super yummy porridge recipe.

Porridge is one of the simplest foods to cook for breakfast but I have done a quick run down so you can see how I do it. Trust me that if you like Nutella you are sure to love this plus with the addition of coconut it really is heaven in a bowl. So to start all you need to do is mix the oats, cocoa powder, coconut, xylitol, cinnamon and salt in a pan.

Ok so all quite simple so far! Now just measure out the water and 3/4 of the milk and mix into the dry ingredients. Place over a high heat and stir in the hazelnut butter. Reduce heat to medium and stir constantly until it is well combined and you have a creamy consistency, this should only take about 5 minutes or so. It is up to you on this but you can always add a touch more milk and cook a bit longer but this is ok for me.

Now all you need to do is pour into a bowl, mix in the remaining milk and then serve. I chose to top off my porridge with coconut chips, cocao nibs and chopped hazelnuts but these are only optional and it is just as lovely without this. Tuck in and enjoy a tasty, chocolatey Easter breakfast!

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