Weekly Roundup 7th November 2014


I have got so much to share with you this week so be prepared it might be a long post but I am going to start with my top recipes. This week they have given me such a headache, I was putting recipes in and taking them out for ages and finally settled on this 6 which I hope you like as much as I do. I have detailed them below starting at the top left hand corner of the image and working clockwise:

  • I am starting with a recipe that is my idea of heaven. This Double Dark Chocolate Coconut Macaroon Tart from Oh She Glows is completely stunning and perfect for any special occasion. Just looking at it makes me think it would be the perfect thing to make for Christmas this year.
  • Another dip recipe, I know but I just love them and there are so many great ones out there. I particularly love this Chunky Jalapeno, Avocado and Bean Dip from ifoodreal. As it says in the post it would be great spread on toast or great with some homemade crackers.
  • The next one is a recipe to make when you want to make an impression, it would make a great brunch recipe when you have guests. Who would not love this Chocolate Danish Braid from Vegan Dad. I might have a go this Sunday for breakfast.
  • As the weather cools and the nights are arriving very early soup is the perfect warming dish and I just love this Dairy Free Cream of Mushroom Soup from The Healthy Maven.
  • Who doesn’t love muffins and these Cranberry and Orange Muffins from The Veg Life are particularly special and full of flavour.
  • If you are looking for a tasty little treat then why not try these Warm Apple on Toast from Feasting at Home, it would make the perfect snack on a cold wintery afternoon and everyone is sure to love it.
There are quite a few different things for me to tell you about this week and some great blog posts that I hope you enjoy:
  • The first thing to share with you is I have just started using a neti pot, which probably as a yoga teacher I should have started a long time ago. I am still really getting the hang of it but when I saw this post on How to Use a Neti Pot from Peaceful Dumpling I thought I would share. One thing for you to be aware of if you do a neti pot in the morning and do yoga later in the day you might find doing a forward bend releases some left over water.
  • I thought I would share this post on Why you Red Meat is Bad for you from Mind Body Green which just deepens the science. Another reason to stay away from red meat has to be a good thing.
  • As part of my studying I have been reading lots of books about sport and yoga and this morning I was reading a book on Soccer Injuries and they put a section on nutrition in it and supplements. I was quite surprised that a book written in the last few years started talking about supplementing protein for non-meat eaters and vegans in particular. When will the world wake up that it is not necessary to supplement if you eat well and that animal products have so many things in them that are bad for you they are doing more harm than good. Ok rant over!
  • Well nearly, you need to read this post about Field Roast on Veg News and how the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is making them remove their product (a meat alternative) until they have tested it on live animals. It is things like this that really make me think the world has gone made.
  • For those of you that practise anything like meditation and yoga and believe in the mind-body link then you will be pleased to know that research is beginning to prove there is a connection. Check out this post on Wildmind.
  • People often advocate a positive attitude as it will make you feel better but this post on Care 2 suggests that a positive attitude could reverse ageing and who does not want some help with that.
  • Just a little bit more nutrition for you now and a really useful post from The Roasted Root on The Health Benefits of Maca Powder.
  • Finally I am finishing with my regular Tiny Buddha post and this one is on Knowing Your Self Worth and is great for anyone who needs a little support right now.

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