Weekly Roundup 24th October 2014


I have been having a really strange week this week and have been feeling permanently tired and trying to figure out the cause of it is completely beyond me at the moment. I am not very good when I feel tired as I just need to keep going through the tiredness and find it very difficult to just rest, especially when I have got my first week with a decent number of yoga classes. I am looking forward to the weekend though where I think I will just put my feet up and do nothing but for now I will detail the above recipes below starting in the top left and corner and working clockwise:

  • My first recipe is Chocolate Beetroot Doughnuts from Vegan Insanity, they are amazingly good for you with Kamut flour, coconut sugar and or course beetroot, who would not love these little treats.
  • Keep yourself feeling fresh and energised with this amazing Turmeric Slaw from Choosing Raw. I just love the dressing and any way in which we can get extra turmeric in our diet is always a bonus.
  • The next recipe was one I feel in love with the second I saw it. This Apple Crumble Cheesecake from Sweetly Raw is vegan and completely raw and it looks stunning. All I need to do is find an excuse to make one!
  • Now I always choose to eat sourdough bread if it is available because I find the flavour amazing but the Sourdough Noir from The Clever Carrot is a new one on me. I have been wanting to make sourdough for ages and now when I do I can use some of the starter for this recipe which just goes beyond anything I would have expected.
  • For something a bit different I went for this Chocolate Coconut Cardamom Tart from Chic Vegan which looks and sounds delicious. When you really want to impress someone, especially if they are not vegan I think this would be a great option.
  • Finally I have selected something that would be the perfect quick and easy meal for when you do not have much time. This Sesame Crusted Tofu from The Low Carb Diet is packed full of flavour and sure to be a big success with any family.
There are a few other posts that I want to share with you this week:
  • I am starting with an interesting post from Elegantly Vegan on the Oatly Lawsuit. It is definitely worth a read and quite staggering really.
  • You need to watch this video of a Porcupine Eating a Pumpkin I promise you will enjoy it. I am sure that you can actually hear the porcupine say “nice” while he is eating.
  • A little bit on nutrition now and this list of 12 Lies of Mainstream Nutrition on Bembu is a good read and raises some interesting points.
  • I read this post on the Effects of Overtraining on Peaceful Dumpling and it made me think about whether I should be cutting back on my exercise as some of the things in it apply to me. If you are an exercise junkie then it might be something you want to consider.
  • This cute little story about a Loyal Cat on Care2 is sure to bring a smile to your face and perfect when you need a little pick me up.
  • I read this really interesting article on Mindful about Why Music Aids The Memory. I can really recommend as there is loads of info in it. 
  • The last post is my regular Tiny Buddha post and this one really connected with me about the use of self help and being controlled and selective with it as it can become an obsession like anything else. It has lots of great advice and can help you to really connect with yourself.

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