Weekly Roundup 26th September 2014


I have to admit that I have a bit of a sweet tooth and so normally every week I have to force myself to put savoury dishes into this roundup as it would be a bit one sided with just a list of desserts. For some reason this week it was all the savoury dishes that were catching my attention and there really were some fantastic ones. I have picked my top six but I easily could have put 10 more savoury dishes in this post. I have detailed them below starting at the top left hand corner of the blog and working clockwise:

  • My first recipe is this beautiful Quinoa Salad with Za’atar Tofu and Eggplant from Eating with the Rabbits. The flavours of this salad look amazing and this would make the perfect meal with a great balance of carbs and protein, I just love it.
  • Although I said I could have had all savoury dishes in my roundup this week the second I saw this Vegan Tiramisu from May I Have That Recipe I knew I had to include it. I have always loved tiramisu but it is pretty much just dairy on a plate so definitely off the menu now I am vegan so I am going to have to make this and stuff my face with it.
  • I have never had a macro bowl before but after reading The Macro Bowl with Turmeric Tahini Dressing from Keepin’ it Kind I can’t wait to make myself one. As soon as I saw the picture it just grabbed me and became an easy recipe to include in this roundup.
  • I love Gingersnaps and this vegan recipe from Joanna Vaught looks really yummy and the perfect thing to keep in the cupboard when I am feeling a bit peckish, which is more often than it should be!
  • I must have been in a Za’atar mood when I selected my recipes (or maybe I was just avoiding pumpkin) but this Garlic Za’atar Baked Carrot Fries from Connoisseurus Veg look amazing. If you don’t follow this blog then I can really recommend it, you will get such great recipes and lots of them.
  • I loved this Socca Flatbread with Avocado, Cilantro Pesto and Tahini from An unprocessed Life straight away, it is a bit different and full of all the flavours I like. I can easily see it becoming a regular lunch.
I have been a bit hectic over the last week, for a number of reasons including the fact I was looking after my cousin’s little girl on Saturday and then I did a first aid course for the first 3 days of the week. All that means is that I have managed to get very little time at my desk. I have still put together a few posts that I really enjoyed this week for one reason or another:
  • I love coconut and use so much of it in cooking but this post on How to Use Coconuts to Make Every Day Skincare Products from One Green Planet contains some really useful information and lots of things to try. 
  • I really enjoyed this post on 8 Weird Foods That Burn Fat from Bembu and trust me there is no chance I am going to be trying some of them but others might be ok.
  • This post on how Painful Relationships Can be the Best Teachers from Tiny Buddha really struck a cord with me and leaves room for the positive.
  • My mum’s epilepsy is often set off by strong smells and in particular strong chemicals and so we always try and use natural products where we can so I love this Natural Oven Cleaner from Hello Natural because it is always the one with the most chemicals!

I know it is a bit of a quick one this week but hopefully I will have more for you next week as I should have a lot more time!

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