Weekly Roundup 12th September 2014


Believe it or not we are at this time of the week again, it seems to come round so quickly and always makes me really hungry looking at all the amazing recipes. I have now used my new system of organising recipes for 2 weeks and it is definitely easier than it was which is great. I am trying to get as many vegan blogs together as I can so I can have the widest possible choice of recipes. If you want to be included in my weekly roundup just message me with details of your blog and I will add it to the list to monitor.

All of the pictured recipes are detailed below starting at the top left hand corner and working clockwise:

  • I love cinnamon buns and the second I saw these Vegan Cinnamon Buns with Chocolate & Figs from Baked the Blog I knew they would make it to the roundup. I think they would make the perfect sunday morning breakfast and just look stunning.
  • Making vegan cheese is something I really lack on and when I see a great recipe I always want to try it and this Smoked Jalepeno Cheddar Cheese from My Darling Vegan looks like a great one that I am sure to love.
  • It has been a while since I included a recipe from Andrew at One Ingredient Chef but I could not resist these Quinoa & Chia Granola Bars. As he says, they are protein packed and would make an excellent snack post workout or just if you were on a low GL diet. I will need to make a batch to keep for after yoga classes.
  • This Summer’s End Salad from Beard & Bonnet is in on the beauty stakes. I know that is not really a reason to include a recipe but this is also backed up by substance. This beautiful little salad is at it says the perfect end of summer salad plus it would really impress if you are having people around for a meal.
  • If you want a chocolatey treat which I am partial to then I would say these Double Chocolate Muffins with Zucchini and Chocolate Pecan Streusel from Vanilla & Bean have to be a great option. Who would not like that much chocolate in a muffin!
  • Fragrant Vanilla Cake is one of my favourite raw blogs and I just had to include this Raw Lemon Caramel Coconut Yogurt Cake which is an amazing combination. I could see this being a big success in my house and a great dessert after a sunday roast.
I have to be honest I do not have a lot of other bits to bring you this week, partly because I have been filling you in during the week and partly because my brain is working very slowly today so I will probably remember other bits later on but there you go!
  • The first thing that I want to share with you is this amazing story on One Green Planet about how a Kitten is Helping a Girl with Autism. It is worth looking at just for the pictures of the cat and the girl together and is a great example of just how much cats give to humans and a counter to all those people who say cats only hang around with people for food.
  • One bit of exciting news is that next week I will start working with a football club and doing a yoga session with them once a week. It is an amateur club but is a great start and I am really excited about it.
  • On the health side on the internet I really loved this post on Foods You Aren’t Eating but Should Be by Soul Beet. It is great if you need a little bit of inspiration on healthy eating.
  • I like to give you a little bit of inspiration towards happiness and this week I really loved this article on Are You Too Busy To Enjoy Your Life? from Tiny Buddha, just a quick reminder to refocus.

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