Tandoori Tofu with Spelt Flatbreads and Mint Chutney (Part of Provamel’s No Sugars No Limits Challenge)


September 29, 2014 in Mains

This my second offering for the Provamel No Sugar No Limits Challenge and as promised I have used their sugar free yogurt for this savoury recipe. I have to say that when I was first told about sugar free soya yogurt I was a little bit sceptical and did not think it would taste good at all. Many of my opinions on soya yogurt come from when I was at school and considered going vegan. I tried a soya yogurt and could not eat one mouthful, now my tastes could have changed but I think it is more the case that in the last 15 years the quality of these products have improved significantly.

So on to the Provamel Sugar Free Natural Soya Yogurt and the nice surprise I had when opening. The first thing I noticed was that it was thick and creamy, more like greek yogurt than I had expected and it rated really good too. I could easily eat this yogurt with granola and fresh fruit for breakfast and not feel like I was missing out. As someone who monitors the glycemic load of the food I eat anything that contains no sugar is a good thing and this yogurt definitely did not disappoint.

The recipe I decided to make using this lovely yogurt is slightly more complicated than the recipes I usually make but sometime it is good to challenge yourself a bit. You would never know with this recipe that I have used soya yogurt and you could easily serve the chutney to a non vegan and they would love it. There is quite a lot of preparation needed for this recipe including pressing and marinating the tofu. The marinating is taken care of in the recipe instructions but just to tell you about pressing which is more easy than you would think. The day before you want to make this dish, take the tofu out of the pack, wrap in a clean tea towel, place on a plate and put 3 or 4 heavy cookbooks on top, leave overnight. The next day you will see that a lot of the liquid has been removed from the tofu and you have a thinner, firmer block to marinate.

From a health and nutrition point of view this recipe is a real winner with a good dose of vitamin C as well as vitamin A and B6 plus it is a great source of iron and calcium. The other great benefit of this recipe is the low amount of sugar it contains. It is now widely accepted that one of the biggest causes of obesity is a diet high in sugar and so anything we can do to reduce that is great. I have found that monitoring the glycemic index or load of a meal can help you to keep your sugar intake at a healthy level and this recipe fairs well in that regard with an approximate GI of 35 and an estimated GL of only 8. Served with a mixed salad this is sure to be the perfect meal for anyone on a low GL diet.

Before I get on to the recipe I have to just tell you that I have really enjoyed taking part in the No Sugar No Limits Challenge from Provamel and have spent ages thinking of recipes that use yogurt so it is possible there will be more that come over the coming months!

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