Roasted Spiced Pears with Dates and Provamel Natural Soya Yogurt


September 15, 2014 in Sweet

After the wonderful dining experience I had with Provamel at The Grain Store I was absolutely delighted to be asked to take part in the Provamel No Sugar No Limits campaign which is designed to go alongside the launch of their Zero Sugars Natural Soya Yogurt. To take part I was asked to prepare 2 recipes using Provamel yogurts, one with their regular Natural Soya yogurt and one with their new sugar free yogurt.

Before I tell you about the recipes that I have decided to make I thought I would let you know about the wonderful things that arrived with my samples of Provamel yogurt. Along with a large tub of Provamel Natural Soya Yogurt, sweetened with agave nectar and a large tub of Provamel Zero Sugars Natural Soya Yogurt there was also a hand little cool bag, some spices, a small saucepan and a pretty little bowl that I am sure will be making it into a number of pictures in the further. The other lovely treat I received was a My Muesli tub that I had put together. In my chosen selection was 8 friends (a mixture of grains including oats and wheat flakes), dark chocolate, morello cherries, almonds, crispy spelt flakes. It makes a really fantastic breakfast and although a lot of the options on the website included honey the one I put together was vegan and really yummy too. It will not last long and I will definitely be ordering some more.

I decided right at the beginning that I would use the sugar free yogurt for a savory dish and make a lovely sweet treat with the regular yogurt. I spent quite a lot of time going through different recipes to get as much inspiration as possible and in the end I came up with this recipe. I have to say that I love the flavour of soya yogurt, especially when it is sweetened with agave. I quite happily lump it into overnight oats or have some with granola and fruit so it was a real pleasure to make these recipes using it. The regular Provamel Natural Yogurt is the one I used in the recipe today and I adored it, the yogurt is smooth and creamy and perfect to enjoy with a fruit based dish.

I tested this recipe one Saturday afternoon on my mum and one of our knitting friends and it went down really well. I was told that there are not enough pear recipes and it would make the perfect autumn dessert. It is sweet, spicy, fruity and creamy from the delicious yogurt. One of the best things about it is that it was so easy to make and would really impress at a dinner party.

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