Artichoke & Almond Hummus


I have not mentioned it but my 10 year old cousin was with us for the last couple of days and it was great fun having him around but when people say it is hard having children they are not joking. You just don’t realise how much attention they demand and I found it really hard to get my mind into what I needed to do when I did have some time. Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining he is a lovely little boy, really well behaved, thoughtful and pleasure to have around, I am just not sure I would want it all of the time.

This recipe was one I made at the weekend and I bumped it up the queue of recipes mainly because I love it so much. I have been wanting to make an artichoke hummus for ages and have had that jar of artichoke hears sitting there ready but never got round to making it. Then sunday morning when I was doing this I realised that I had run out of tahini, just after my mum had gone to the shop with a list of things to get, not including tahini and i was in my pjs and could not be bothered to go out.

It seems like a pain when something like that happens but it is the perfect chance to try something new and like this recipe you come up with something that tastes amazing and will definitely become one of my favourites. So when I realised I didn’t have any tahini I could have just left it out but instead I decided to replace it with a nut butter, looking in the cupboard I decided on almond nut butter and I am glad I did. The almonds only enhance the flavour of this hummus and just make it a little bit different.

The other great thing about this dip is from a nutritional point of view it is amazingly low on the glycemic scale for a number of reasons. Firstly artichokes basically have no effect on blood sugar due to their negligible carbohydrates so that keeps that low. Then there is the almonds which are actually shown to lower the effect that a meal has on blood sugar so the actual values could be lower than I have said. If you only make one of my dips then go for this one (or at least this is my favourite at the moment).

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