Weekly Roundup 29th August 2014


So I have been a bit quite over the last week and that is because of the Yoga Sports Science Foundation course that i was on. I did think I might be able to put the post out in the evenings but with all the travelling i just about had enough time to eat, rest and get to bed so thought I would leave the posts until today. I have still been keeping up with the recipes in my in box and have my favourites for this week detailed below starting at the top left hand corner and working clockwise:

  • The first recipe is Strawberry Quinoa Oatmeal Bars from Hummusapien which I think is the first time I have featured this blog. These little snack bars look like the perfect thing to keep in your fridge or freezer for when you have unexpected guests and of course when you want to treat yourself.
  • You cannot beat a fresh soup for a tasty evening meal and this Roasted Tomato and Bread Soup from Alexandra Cooks is a great one. It is simple to make but will be filling and satisfying, definitely one to add to the simple suppers list!
  • It has been a while since I featured a recipe from Vegan Richa which is strange because I love this blog and there are so many great recipes that come from it but I just could not resist this Mango Burfi recipe which is a naughty but nice treat that everyone is sure to love (unless they are weird and don’t like mango).
  • Now for another simple meal that is perfect when you want something not too heavy. I just fell in love with this Sweetcorn Pasta Sauce from Scaling Back as soon as I saw it. I think I will need to try it out on my mum who is not so made on sweetcorn and see what she thinks.
  • These Tomato Cupcakes with Balsamic Frosting from Bitter Sweet grabbed my attention as soon as I saw them and I just knew I had to include them in this post. They are different from anything I have seen before and something I just have to try.
  • Continuing with my dip theme and including so many of them, this week I have gone for Falafel Hummus from Veggie and the Beast and know that this is the next dip I will be making, I have a tin of chickpeas in the cupboard so might even go for it this afternoon.
As I said above there has not been a lot happening in my world this week apart from studying for the Yoga Sports Science Foundation Course with Hayley Winter. It was an amazing experience and I will write a whole post on it for you some time in the next week so don’t want to tell you much other than I loved it. Other posts that I wanted to share with you this week are:
  • I like to include at least one post in this roundup that will give you a bit of inspiration and this week it is Focus on the Journey by To Her Core, perfect for when you need a little lifting.
  • If you love Nut Butters then checkout this post on DIY Nut Butters from Liv Life.
  • More inspiration from Produce on Parade with these Quotes to Remember.
  • I often go into my local green grocers and see Romanesco but have never bought it because I didn’t know what to do with it or anything really about it so this Roasted Romanesco post on Olives for Dinner is really useful.
  • Finally a little more uplifting with these Inspirational Printables from The Pretty Bee

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