Weekly Roundup 15th August 2014


I have to warn you that I must be in a really chocolatey mood today because 3 of the recipes I have selected are chocolate based. I should probably think more carefully and select them so that there is more variation but I want it to be honest. Every Friday I personally go through all the recipes I have flagged during the week, waiting an age for all of the web pages to load up and decide on the recipes. It really does depend what mood I am in and I am sure that if I was to select them on another day I choose different recipes. So my top 6 are the ones I love the most this morning and are detailed below starting at the top left hand corner and working clockwise:

  • My first recipe is this lovely looking Hummus Gazpacho from Kitchen Treaty. It looks like a really simple and easy to make meal that would be perfect for a light supper or lunch in the warm summer months.
  • These Peanut Butter Blast Brownies from Begin Within Nutrition are the first of my chocolate offerings and have the added bonus of including peanut butter which I have got a bit addicted to. There was one day in the week where my stomach was feeling a bit unwell and the only thing that didn’t make me feel horrible was peanut butter, so it is becoming one of my favourite comfort foods, especially when you add chocolate!
  • I think everyone must love pasta and it is always great to add to your repertoire of pasta sauces and this Vegan Alfredo Sauce from 40 Aprons has to be one of the nicest I have seen. This is definitely going to become a regular in my house.
  • There is not a lot I can say about these Cookie Dough Cashew Cream Cups from Hungry Curious other than they look and sound amazing and are a bit different to the sweet treats you normally get. They are making me hungry just writing about them.
  • For something a bit different I have selected this Nectarine Upside Down Cake from Yup It’s Vegan. The second I saw this recipe I knew it would make my weekly roundup, it looks and sounds delicious and is really original, I love it!
  • Finally I come to my weekly cookie offering and the last chocolate one. I had 3 cookie recipes in the running and selected these Blackout Cookies from Peaceful Dumpling because they are simple, full of coconut and I just know they would be amazing. The two recipes that nearly made it are:
There are quite a lot of other bits that I have had going on and read on the internet this week that I want to share with you so I hope you are ready for a read!
  • I wanted to start with the launch of this Decadent Gluten-Free Vegan Baking which has be put together by Cara Reed who writes Fork and Beans. I have seen 2 reviews of it this week, one on Vegan Richa and one on Oh My Veggies and the recipes that they have included look amazing so I will definitely be getting this book!
  • I was in my local health food shop yesterday and came across some Peter’s Yard Crispbread, it is their Spelt & Fig ones and I thought I would buy them for some recipe inspiration and the fact they are only 13 calories per cracker. However I have to say these are one of the tastiest things I have come across and can really recommend them.
  • I read this article about Vegan Men on One Ingredient Chef and now need to figure out where I find a vegan man!
  • We should have finished the room that had the flood by this time next week so then I need to start getting some accessories to make my yoga studio into a really lovely space. I have already been on amazon looking for statues and pictures and have a shortlist but it is really exciting.
  • Beth at Tasty Yummies runs a really great How To Series on her blog and this week it is How to Make Vanilla Extract which if you bake like I do is quite a helpful tip and allows you to know exactly what is going into it.
  • On the yoga thing I am also working on my branding and on a partnership with a great physio so that is another really exciting thing going on. I have go the design of my logo sorted but I just need to decide on the colours. I might put something out on twitter and Facebook and hopefully you could let me know which one you would go for.
  • I have never been to Sweden but this Vegan on Tour: Stockholm post from Emma of Coconut & Berries really inspired me to go visiting!
  • For all of us vegans having the last laugh there is an interesting post on Mind Body Green about how Eating Meat Could Give You Diabetes, just another great reason for not eating meat.
  • For those of you that want a little bit of inspiration then the Is Comparison Destroying Your Happiness post on The Little Green House is definitely worth a read.
  • Finally I wanted to end with a post that brought a smile to my face this week, it is Creamy Peanut Butter Pupsicles on Vegetarian Ventures, it is not the recipe so much but the details of the spoiled dog, it is a great post.

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