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I am really excited to be taking part in Provamel’s “No Sugars, No Limits” recipe challenge which has been timed to coincide with the launch of Provamel’s new sugar free soya yoghurt. As part of this challenge I will need to come up with 2 recipes, one using the new sugar free yoghurt and one using their natural soya yogurt that is sweetened with agave nectar.

Both of the recipes that I come up with be published on this blog and you should see them during September. The only question is what to make. I am still thinking about it but I think it will have to be something savoury using the sugar free yoghurt and I might go all out on the dessert front with the sweetened version.

I love Provamel products, they are all completely organic and plan based and so are perfect for my diet but they also taste so good. The yoghurt is very versatile and has a lovely smooth taste, yesterday I used it with my curry, which I overdid the chilli in, just to cool my mouth down. At the same time as this launch Provamel are launching a few different products so I have put the details of the launch below for you.

 Introducing the First-Ever Zero-Sugar, Organic Plant-based Alternative to Yogurt

A natural, organic and 100% free from sugar soya alternative to yogurt is set to hit shop shelves this autumn – all thanks to the expert in plant-based foods, Provamel. 
Perfect for those looking for deliciously healthy options completely free from sugar, Provamel’s new plain, zero-sugar flavour will be available in 500g, 4x125g and 750ml ‘breakfast’ varieties – making it the ideal partner to breakfast, snack-times, home baking and cooking, or as an after dinner indulgence, minus the guilt.
With a silky, smooth taste – and new-look packaging to boot – it will be joined by a plain 500g soya alternative to yogurt lightly sweetened with a splash of organic agave syrup, meaning there’s something for those with more of a sweet tooth too. 
Both products are organically grown, sustainably produced and ethically sourced, and taste just as delicious on their own as they do paired with fruit, swirled into porridge, or as an addition to your favourite recipes. 
What’s more, Provamel’s vanilla and fruit flavour recipes have been upgraded, making them even tastier than before. They will also benefit from a brand new look from September 2014.
The Provamel range is 100% plant-based, organic and dairy-free, and includes soya and other plant-based alternatives to milk, yogurts, shakes, desserts, cream and custard. Provamel is exclusively available in health food stores and Holland & Barrett.

For more information on Provamel, please visit or
I can really recommend this products so if you have not tried them they are worth a try, otherwise look out for the exciting new recipes that will be coming soon!

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