Roasted Carrot and Red Lentil Dip


Before I get on to discussing this recipe I had to own up to something I did at the weekend, it is not that bad but I watched the whole of 24 Season 9. I know it is a bit excessive but I had actually already watched the first 9 and then decided I had to watch it all together and waiting a week was really irritating. I am now just really hoping that they make another series so I know what happens. If you haven’t seen it I can recommend it as this season only had 12 episodes which allowed them to move quickly and be packed with interesting story lines.

That is probably enough of I love 24 and Jack Bauer and I am guessing you might want to know a little bit about the recipe. Firstly I want to tell you a bit about where the idea for this recipe came from. Basically every lunch, virtually I eat salad, dips and sour dough bread and sit down with my mum and at the moment my cousin. Recently I made a Flageolet Bean and Kale Hummus and it went down so well they were saying I should make more dips. So that got me thinking about other interesting dips I could make when I came up with this one.

There is quite a kick to this dip as it contains chilli powder and the fact that it uses carrots, roasted garlic and red lentils means it is quite sweet and then there are the cumin seeds which has to be one of the things I use most in my kitchen. It is a great compliment to this dip and really gives it a deep flavour. I am aware that as dips go this takes a bit longer to make than most but it will be worth it. Keep it in the fridge and treat yourself or make this for a dinner party and you are sure to wow people.

Another great thing about this dip is that it is low GI and very low GL, obviously the figures calculate for the glycemic index are estimated and as the GI of carrots has a plus or minus 16 next to the number or 47 I have taken the number of 47 but there may be some variation. However if you are looking for a low GL snack then a portion of this with a couple of oat cakes or some raw veggies is sure to do the trick.

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