Peanut Butter and Chocolate Granola


I have had this recipe ready to share for ages but have always ended up posting something else that I thought it was abut time I posted it. Plus the morning I have had meant that I needed to do something that did not involve too much thinking. Before I go into the details of this recipe I might as tell you what has been going on.

I mentioned on my weekly roundup on friday that we have been having some work done at home and the builders have been making mistakes on all sorts of things and then to top it off they wanted full payment before they finished the work. So this morning they came round to do some bits and when we said we were only going to pay a percentage and when they finished they would pay the rest one of the builders took a hammer to our stairs and really scared my mum. The crazy thing is that it was all over an amount of about £300 and whether we would pay it now or when they finished everything. Almost the most annoying thing is that the builder was really fit (even if he is getting married next month) and it was nice to have someone good looking around but with a temper like that it is probably best that he is not.

Anyway I could go into a lot more detail and bore you to death on the subject but I am sure the last thing you want is to here about my workmen disasters and believe me I have a lot! Before I go into details about the recipe there is just one last thing to share. At the weekend I had the last weekend of my yoga teacher training and so they are about to let me loose on the unsuspecting public which is exciting and scary at the same time. We did all about Ayurveda on Sunday which was really interesting and rather than go into detail here I will write a whole post about it but this is just a little taster so you know what I have got planned for the next week or so!

Ok so the recipe, which is another granola and I know I do a lot of them but they are very easy to make and are just such a convenient breakfast that I make them more than anything else. This one is very simple using just 7 ingredients and the perfect thing to make for the family on a sunday morning. Believe it or not (I am not sure I want to admit this) but it was only a few months ago when I started eating peanut butter, I don’t know why but before then I had always thought it look horrible. However now I have started I just keep looking for more and more ways to use it, especially when you put it together with chocolate. This healthy granola will make a perfect breakfast that is tasty and will also keep you filled up longer than shop bought granolas.

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