Lemon and Poppy Seed Loaf (Vegan, Gluten-free)


I have some really exciting news that I was going to save until my weekly roundup but I just couldn’t. On Friday I had an interview with Hayley Winter of Yoga Sports Science and got accepted on to the course so I will be starting that over the next week. It is really exciting because it will take me about a year to complete the course and when I do I will be qualified to apply yoga to athletes. It has been my aim since I first decided to train as a yoga teacher that I wanted to do this course and I just can’t wait to get started and begin working with athletes, hopefully footballers!

On another note completely I wanted to share something quite personal with you and that is a bit about my relationship with my brother. A relationship with a sibling should always be really strong in my opinion and up until my dad committed suicide my relationship with my brother was better than most siblings. However after my dad died my brother gradually began slipping away and has now become someone I do not recognise.

The concept of someone you love and care about slipping away from you might be something that you have experienced in one way or another and coping with it can be hard. I have spent a lot of time in anguish trying to analyse my own behaviour and what I could have done differently. However in the end, the biggest lesson I have had to learn is that there is nothing I could have done, I have no control over how someone else behaves. Despite the deep sadness that I no longer have a relationship with my brother I have had to face that, accept it and move on. I am not saying I have closed the door completely but my brother would need to have a complete reversal of who he now is for there to be any chance of anything developing.

I wanted to share this with you because if you are feeling the same about this it is important to know you are not alone. In any sort of dispute if you just focus on what you do and make sure your intentions only come from a positive place then you know you have done your best. You cannot control where someone else comes from all you can do is hear what they have to say and if they don’t like calmly walk away. The most important thing is to protect yourself and come out of it in tact. That is enough of the intense emotional talk and we should really say something about the recipe.

The idea from this recipe came from one for Lemon Poppy Seed Bread that I saw on Cooking Classy, it looked so yummy but it was not vegan and I thought I could make it a bit more healthy. So I actually made quite a lot of substitutions to make this cake but it is loosely based on the recipes. The differences include the fact that I have made it vegan, gluten-free and also changed the regular old white sugar to coconut palm sugar to reduce the GL and to make just a bit more healthy. I also increased the amount of lemon used as I like things really lemony!

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