Flageolet Bean and Kale Hummus


I know I have not been posting much recently but there are a number of reasons, one is that flood I told you about last week but also we are decorating at home and that is taking up so much of my energy so I have not had much time to cook, photograph dishes and write posts. I am still trying to keep a few things coming out so you don’t forget who I am. When we have got the house back to a decent order and I can focus then the posts will get going again.

| have got my last weekend of training to become a yoga teacher this weekend, then all I need to do is one more assignment and I am a qualified teacher which is very exciting. I have already planned to cover my teacher when he goes away for 2 weeks in August which is a bit scary but I am really looking forward to it. I also need to start planning how I take yoga to football as this is the area I really want to work in, I will probably need to start with really small teams and work my way up but it is a great way to start.

Anyway on to the recipe which I have to say has been more of a hit with people who have tried it than I expected. Dips are really quick and easy to make and I know you can buy them but homemade ones have so much more flavour and you can get it just how you like it. This dip uses one of my favourite beans on one that is really underused the flageolet bean. If you have never come across flageolet beans then the important things you need to know is that they originate from France and look a bit like a green, skinny kidney bean and have a creamy flavour. I have put a picture below for you:

As with all beans flageolet beans have a good balance of protein and carbohydrates as well as fibre and vitamins and minerals and with the addition of kale to this dip you really do get a nutritious alternative to regular old hummus. If you have guests coming over and want to impress them with something this dip could be the answer as it will not have you sweating in the kitchen for hours either.

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