Weekly Roundup 5th June 2014


You might have noticed that this post is coming a bit early this week but that is because I am going away for my yoga teacher training tomorrow and so will not be able to do it then. I am not getting back in the country until 20th June which could mean there will be no posts until then, there certainly will not be my weekly roundups but I will catch up when I get back. I am going to try and do some posts while I am away, if I was more organised I would have written some that I could just publish, but unfortunately I am not. There is supposed to be internet access where I am going and so I will try and do regular posts on the course and what I am doing but it might be a very quiet 2 weeks.

The recipes pictured above and detailed below from the top left hand corner and working clockwise around the image:

With all the above you already have so much to digest this week and so do not want to fill you with too much info. There are a few other things from the blog world that I want to share with you but in terms of my life there is not much to tell from the past week, I have just been working like crazy to get ready for my trip so doing assignments and stuff like that. Some little snippets for you:
  • I recently wrote and article about why I prefer to have smoothies over juices and there was an interesting article on Mind Body Green this week which is 5 Reasons to Stop Drinking Fruit Juice. An interesting read for anyone that wants to be genuinely healthy.
  • This really useful post from Liv Life shows you how to make Coconut Whipped Cream which is the perfect alternative to dairy.
  • Finally I want to send a big congratulations to Cheryl of The Laidback Vegan and The Stylist Quo and although she got married 2 months ago she was able to publish the Wedding Pictures this week. All the best for a long and happy marriage.

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