Weekly Roundup 13th June 2014


At last I am finally back from my teacher training and can get round to writing my blog again. This might be a little bit confusing as I am back dating this post so I can tell you about all the recipes from 6th-13th June but hopefully it will read ok. I have so much to tell you about my training with regards the yoga, how I coped and also being made to feel fussy for being vegan. I don’t want to tell you too much now as I want to do a full post on it with pictures and proper details so I guess this is a little bit of a taster.

I had very little internet access while I was away as so was not able to go through any recipes while I was away however I was straight on my 4G phone when I got back to the UK and went through a lot on the train on the way home. I have come to the conclusion that I am an internet access and have hardly put my phone done since landing in England. It could be a bad thing but to me it is just the new way to communicate rather than talking to people which could be seen as a negative but in my eyes it is excellent as I can have friends from all over the world. This means my life can be so much richer than it would be if I didn’t have the internet.

Anyway I seem to be going a bit off topic and should get back to my 6 top picks for the week. They are pictured above and detailed below starting from the top left hand corner and working clockwise:

  • Grilled Peach Salad with Baby Arugula, Pistachios and Lemony Yoghurt Dressing from Tasty Yummies – this is a blog that I seem to be featuring a lot lately but I am not going to apologise as the recipes are great and this is no exception. For those of you that don’t know Arugula is Rocket in England!
  • Salted Caramel Chocolate Chunk Bars from Quiche-a-Week – I have only just started following this blog and this is the first time it has featured. This is a great recipe and perfect if you want a homemade healthy snack that also tastes great.
  • Keepin’ it Kind is a really fantastic blog with amazing recipes and this Sugar Free Snickers Ice Cream is no exception and has finally helped me make my mind up that I need to get an ice cream maker, thanks Kristy!
  • These Life Changing Quinoa Avocado Bread Buns from Tales of a Kitchen could actually be life changing. If you are gluten free and/or are concerned about eating a diet too rich in carbs then these could be the perfect option. I cannot wait to try them.
  • I always seem to include a recipe from Vegan Richa so I really tried not to this week but just could not resist this Salted Date Caramel Pie. Check it out and tell me if you could resist it.
  • Vegan Turkish Pizza from Coconut & Berries – this is a really hearty dish that the whole family would love. The recipe says to just use Pizza Dough, so if you make your own you can make sure this is a gluten free and protein rich meal too.
There have also been some other great posts this week that I wanted to share with you, they are not recipe based but hopefully things that you will like and find interesting:
  • This article on the ethics of Lab Grown Meat on Peaceful Dumpling is certainly something to think about. For me it seems pointless as I have never eaten meat and so do not see it as food but if you do then this could be an option if you cannot go vegan, not sure I would like it though!
  • Before I give you anymore posts I suppose I should mention the world cup. If you read this blog you will know I love football and this year I missed the first week of the world cup being away on my teacher training. The irony is that Costa Rica beat Italy just as I got home sending England out of the world cup. A bit gutting but there will still be some great football to watch.
  • This Guide to Probiotics from McKel on Nutrition Stripped is, as expected, really useful and informative.
  • If you want to know more about essential oils then you might want to signup to this Free Online Course from Thank Your Body.
  • I absolutely loved this post from Katie on Produce on Parade about the Changes She Has Noticed Since Turning Vegan. If you are newly vegan, thinking about going or been vegan for ages I am sure you will enjoy reading this.
  • The Conscious Cleanse written by Cara at Fork & Beans is another useful and informative post that I just loved and feel inspired by, see what it can do for you.
So that just about wraps it up and the plus point is that as I am back dating this I will be writing the next week’s one tomorrow so not long to wait now!

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