Weekly Review 27th June 2014


I am finally bringing you my weekly roundup on the right day, hooray! So I am going to get straight on with the recipes which are detailed below, starting at the top left hand corner of the images and working clockwise:

  • For some reason this week I got loads of cookie and biscuit recipes come into my inbox so decided to select just one for them for this roundup. The one I went for is Coconut Flour Anzac Biscuits from Delicious Everyday. I chose these ones because, obviously they look really tasty but also they contain no refined sugar and look nice and easy to make. The other recipes that made the shortlist are Lemon Tea Cookies by Vegan in the Freezer; Ginger Snappy Crinkle Cookies from Lunchbox Bunch and; Almond Butter Oatmeal Cookies from Vegan Richa
  • This Chilled Summer Lettuce & Pea Soup from Maple & Spice looks really amazing and the perfect meal when the weather gets warm. I will definitely be making this one! When choosing this recipe it was run very closed by Chilled Tomato Peach Soup with Pistachio Basil Pistou by Gourmande in the Kitchen which is another great recipe.
  • This Easy Whisky Sriracha Caramel Sauce from Olives for Dinner would make the perfect sauce to pour over vanilla ice cream when the sun comes out.
  • These Homemade Granola Bars from My Whole Food Life are quick and easy to make and good for you, the perfect thing to reach for if you fancy a treat but still want to feel good about yourself.
  • I just love the look of this Cherry Hazelnut Orzo Salad by Kitchen Treaty, it would make the perfect lunch plus it is inventive and simple, what more could you want.
  • Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Tart from May I have That Recipe looks divine and like the perfect dessert to make when you really want to impress someone and who would think that it was vegan!
You would not believe how long it has taken me to write this post I just keep getting distracted and just cannot concentrate. This is not a new thing it is something I have been feeling all week. I did manage to open my post which was the first time for at least a month and have a load of papers spread over my desk of things that I need to do but just keep procrastinating. I have decided to do a Scarlett O’Hara as after all tomorrow is another day!
Have a lovely week and here’s to a bit of productivity!

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