Chocolate, Orange & Chilli Brownies (Vegan, Gluten-Free)


I wanted to bring you all the details of my teacher training trip today with this recipe but I also wanted to include the pictures which I have only just downloaded. So I thought the best thing to do was to bring you the recipe and then I could work on a separate post all about my trip. I am bursting with things to tell you but will save it.

So, on to the recipe, the idea for this recipe came from a Divine chocolate which is easily my favourite brand and I really love their orange and chilli bar and so thought it would make a great combo for a brownie. And trust me it really worked, I took these to my yoga class when I made them and they went down very well, in fact they just completely disappeared and I have already been asked for the recipe.

I have used lot GI sweeteners when making these as well as buckwheat flour so they are not only good for those of you that are gluten free but also perfect for those watching their blood sugar. Surprisingly one of these large brownies has a GL of only 5 making them a perfect sweet treat for those following the Low GL diet.

In an ideal world we would all give up sweet food and have perfect health but then I do also want to enjoy my life and we all need something that just makes us feel better when we eat it and these brownies will definitely do that. There is a surprising kick from the chilli in these brownies so if you want a little less heat use a bit less chilli powder or don’t use the extra hot stuff like I do.

Today I am feeling a bit sorry for myself because of how I have handled and feel about the actions of someone else (something I am learning not to do) and one of these brownies might really help to lighten the load. If you are feeling a little blue then knock up a batch of these, if they don’t help on their own the cooking will help to lift your mood and sharing them with a good friend and a cup of tea should have you feeling more yourself in no time.

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