Weekly Roundup 09/05/14


I have had quite an eventful week in fact it feels like much longer than a week since I did one of these posts. I will fill you in on some of the details below but we might as well go through the recipes that I have been impressed with this week first. There have been some really innovative things doing the rounds this week and these are going on my regular makes and special treats. I have detailed them below starting from the top left hand corner of the image and working clockwise.

  • This Mango Lime Agua Fresca from the Frosted Vegan is a really simple recipe but a truly delicious one. If you only try one recipe then give this one a go!
  • I love soup and like to try different ones all of the time and this Chilled Pea and Sorrel Soup from Veggies & Gin just makes we want it right now.
  • If you follow Vegan Miam you will know that you do not get recipes that often but when you do they are impressive, innovative and inspiring and this offering of Sweet Potato Dumplings in Ginger & Jasmine Syrup is certainly not a disappointment.
  • Dark Chocolate Silk Pie with Chocolate Almond Crust from Vegan Richa is just my kid of recipe. It is vegan, gluten free and soy free and words cannot describe how much I love it and how much I am loving this blog at the moment.
  • If you are having guests over then creating little snacks that people can easily eat is always important however most of them can be quite boring. These Sesame Hummus Bites with Mango Tahini Sauce from Coconut & Berries is certainly not boring and easy to make too.
  • King Oyster Mushrooms Scallops from Fork & Beans is a really original recipe and something I think I will be trying really soon.
So now on to other interesting bits to tell you about, that is apart from the endless mountain of paperwork that I have been doing this week. Doing my accounts online is really useful but when you need to backdate something for 2 years it can quickly induce repetitive strain injury! 
  • First thing to tell you this week is I joined Tinder
  • Second thing to tell you is I am going to delete Tinder, trust me if you are even considering it don’t. I have never known anything that is more of a waste of time than this silly little app. It is full of men with not many brain cells that want to meet you for one thing only and all I keep thinking is that at my age I am so over it!
  • The Minimalist Baker did a really useful post on how to make Vegan Pasta this week and is definitely worth checking out.
  • This might make me sound really sad now but I am quite excited as it is the Eurovision competition tomorrow. We always have a few people round and do our own scoring so I cannot wait.
  • I experienced one of the most frustrating weekends of my life last week and was so glad to get back to work and focus, ok now I really do sound sad.
  • We celebrated my cousin’s birthday on Tuesday with a pear and summer fruit cake, the recipe will be coming soon but it went down well.
Ok enough of me blabbering on about a load of rubbish but here is to a great week hope you enjoy it! 

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