Vegan Cheese & Onion Oatcakes


If you read this blog on a regular basis then you will know by now that I am obsessed with eating a Low GL diet and so keeping control of my blood sugar. One of the best sources of information on eating a low Glycemic Load diet is Patrick Holford and if you read anything by him he is always mentioning oatcakes as excellent for a snack.

This is great and for years I have been buying oatcakes but recently thought it would be nice to make my own for a number of reasons. One of the main ones being that shop bought oatcakes tend to be made with palm oil and maybe have more in than they actually need. Also I could then flavour them as I wanted and cheese and onion just seemed perfect.

You will be amazed, as I was just how easy these are to make, basically it is like making savoury oatmeal and then cooking them in the oven to make them go hard. Once made you can keep them in an airtight container and they will keep for a good few weeks but I am sure they won’t last that long, I know mine won’t.

These oatcakes taste amazing with hummus so you could either have them as a snack with some hummus and raw veggies or do what I do and have them for lunch. I eat salad most days for lunch and often have some sort of bread with it, usually sourdough which is my favourite but when I am trying to limit my calorie intake then a salad with hummus and a couple of these oatcakes is the perfect lunch and keeps me going all afternoon.

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