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Back in January I told you about the fact I was embarking on the journey of yoga teacher training with Sally Parkes and last weekend I finally got started. Above is a picture of me with all my other students enjoying a tasty lunch at the Jamyang Buddhist Centre.

When I say I finally got started I mean in the classes as we have had lots of reading and assignments to be getting on with and that I need to finish as we are now only about 3 weeks away from our trip to Spain and I have just received the agenda for that today.

It was a really enjoyable weekend although I have to say mine was slightly distracted by the FA Cup final so maybe did not get as much out of it as I could have. This weekend was about anatomy and physiology so lots of learning about bones, muscles and the way the body works in general. It was a bit weird feeling like a school student having to do tasks and remember endless amount of information and it is definitely something I will need to revise before the end of the course.

During this first weekend we met Sally for a little bit of Yoga on the Saturday morning but the rest of the weekend was run by Dawn who teaches all the anatomy and physiology aspects of the course. She is a really excellent teacher and great at making what could be a very dry subject fun and interesting and I am looking forward to the next weekend in July and learning more.

So the next stage will be 2 weeks in Spain starting on 6th June, so not long now. Having got the agenda this morning I am a little bit apprehensive as the days look very packed and tiring with not much time for eating! So it could have the positive effect of letting me lose a bit of weight so I come back nice and trim and hopefully a bit tanned.

Oddly enough I think the bit I might find the hardest is not talking until after the morning practise which ends at about 9am. It does not seem that bad but I know I will probably be up at about 6am and although I like quite time in the morning not being allowed to speak is going to make me want to which I think might just give me the giggles.

I am also very glad that I have already given up smoking as the course is completely non-smoking which is great but would have caused me a problem in the past when I was a smoker. I am not really sure why that was something that stuck out to me but I suppose I was just thinking it seemed a bit extreme but maybe that is just me.

Now all I need to do is finish my assignments, which might actually be quite a bit of work and then get ready to head off to Spain which I am really looking forward to. One bonus is I already have some classes lined up in July and August covering for one of my teachers so I might be trying to get in a bit of practise very soon.

These are really exciting times for me and I am really happy that you are coming along with me and I can share me experiences. I should have internet access while I am away so I will try and give you regular updates while I am away.

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