Puy Lentil Salad with Plum and Kiwi in a Maple Dressing (#Vegan, #Glutenfree)


Before I get into this recipe I have to tell you the real panic that I started to feel yesterday about my trip away for my yoga training. It is not actually about going but the fact that since I decided to do this back in january I have been giving 3 assignments to be done before we go away. So yesterday with 10 days until I go away it dawned on me that I had only done half of one of them. Needless to say that means I know what I am going to be doing for the next 10 days.

I am slightly irritated with myself as I set out to be all organised about things, for instance I have read all of the recommended texts and I have also read some of the suggested texts and so it is not like I have been doing nothing. I suppose it is so long since I have done school work I am not used to it. In my working life I have always worked on priorities as there is always so much to do that you need to do the things that are most urgent. When I had 4 months until I went away then it made my assignments not urgent, now they are I am focussing on them, I guess it makes sense.

One of the things that I needed to do was observe 5 classes and write a review on each of them. They all needed to be different types of yoga and I had great plans of things I was going to do. Unfortunately other than my regular 2 classes I have only done one more class. So I have got to get 2 more in over the next week so today I am going to attend a Jivamukti Class as The Life Centre in Islington. I am quite looking forward to it because since I read a book about Jivamukti which really inspired me so I have high hopes for this class. I will do a little write up in here too after I have done the class.

The assignment I am finding the hardest is the first one that we got which involves writing something about what we view as spirituality. This should not really be hard as I have a lot of opinions on this topic but finding the best way to write it down and express it the way I really want to is not all that easy. I think I just need to focus and get one with it and it probably will not be as hard as I am expecting.

Anyway I suppose I should get on with the recipe which was inspired by the warm weather we were having that seems to have completely deserted us. So if you imagine it is a lovely warm day then a fruity salad is something we can all enjoy. I love putting fruit into salad, it just seems to make it which is odd because probably only a couple of years ago if you had put fruit in my salad I certainly would have picked it out or just avoided the salad altogether. This salad is maybe excessively fruity but it is really good I can promise you that.

Looking at this salad form the point of view of the glycemic index then the use of maple syrup will up the value a lot plus fruit can always push you up the scale. However I have tried to keep control of it a bit by using plums which primary source of sweetness comes from Xylitol so that keeps them very low on the glycemic scale. If you want to keep it to a minimum then you could replace the maple syrup with agave nectar, it will have a different flavour but it will reduce the impact on your blood sugar.

I have assumed you can get 4 servings out of this recipe and so it would be served as an accompaniment to something else and as it has a GL of 9 for each portion if you make the things you serve it with low GL then it will go perfectly. Plus don’t forget you are getting a massive dose of vitamin C from this salad.

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