Avocado Rye Bread With Pecans & Dark Chocolate (#Vegan, #LowGL)


In the UK we are just getting over a bank holiday and getting back into work and unfortunately I have to say it is probably the worst bank holiday I have had in ages. Just about every plan I had did not come off and it just left me feeling stressed out and generally fed up. Plans to go out did not happen, unwanted guests came round and I made a lame attempt at internet dating.

Ok so maybe I am exaggerating and a lot of feeling are coming from the stress I am feeling about all the things I need to sort out in my personal life, like getting a job and sorting out my finances. It feels like a never ending list of problems as well as a significant change to my life. The reality is that I just need to start dealing with things and stop burying my head and then the way I am feeling will lift.

I mentioned earlier about internet dating but what I actually meant was I have starting using Tinder, the thing I was wondering is whether anyone has actually met anyone using it. At the moment it just feels like a game that is fun to play but that the chance of actually going on a date with anyone is slim, let alone anything more serious. It might just be that I am completely rubbish at all of the online thing, and put people off before it gets to the dating stages or maybe it is that I am not that interested, who knows!

I will keep you updated as to whether there is any luck or whether I have deleted the app this time next week, which is most likely and get on with the recipe now. I subscribe to a lot of blogs and I get a lot of banana bread recipes in my inbox but the problem with that is I hate bananas, the smell, the taste everything and so I never make it. I spent a bit of time thinking about what would make a good alternative and came up with avocado for a number of reasons.

The first thing to say about avocado is it is a lovely consistency and will have similar binding abilities to banana so would be perfect in that way. However it has a massive advantage over banana in that it contains much less sugar and so is so much better for you plus it has less of a taste making it easier to flavour the bread. I have actually made this quite savoury and is delicious with some peanut butter or a little bit of coconut oil spread on it.

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