Thyme Roasted Almonds (#Vegan, #LowGL, #GlutenFree)


Before I go into details about the recipe I have come to a really important conclusion today related to how I handle stress. Recently I have been trying to sort out some financial matters and they have really been worrying me and I have felt that there were lots of things that could go wrong. This led me to take an approach I have done before called the bury the head in the sand.

Sometimes, in fact very rarely, this approach can work and the difficulties go away on their own however this is not the case most of the time. When I do take this approach it causes a lot of other problems for me, I struggle to sleep properly, I feel constantly on edge, my stomach feels like a washing machine and it feels as though I am slipping back into depression.

This morning I got up and decided to face some of my problems head on and I actually found that nothing was as bad as I had thought. The truth is that when I bury my head I start imagining the worst and feel as though I can’t cope when if I just got on with dealing with things I would get things in order and all the stress would be released and in fact good things start coming to me. So the conclusion is I am finally feeling myself again after a couple of weeks of worrying.

I have chosen to bring you this recipe today largely because it is really yummy but also almonds contain high doses of magnesium which has been proved to help reduce stress levels so is sort of relevant to my post. Not to mention the fact that almonds actually reduce cholesterol in the blood stream and so are excellent for your heart health.

Now as you might already know one of my major interests is the glycemic index and glycemic load of a meal and this is where almonds come into their own. They are one of the best things you can eat to reduce your blood sugar levels. In fact when consumed with a meal they will actually helps to reduce the GI of the whole meal and effectively have a GL of 0.

It is at this point where I need to say that the GL of the food is not the only things you should look at as the GL of these would suggest you can eat as many as you like which you cannot. Almonds are high in calories and that is still an important factor to consider for your health as increased weight can cause a lot of major problems.

This snack is perfect when you are having friends round and you want some nibbles on the table. Your guest will love them and they are better for you than shop bought snacks. Plus I have a few left and put them in a salad and they really added a lot of flavour to the salad and gave a good balance to the meal, especially as I had some bread with my salad.

Thyme Roasted Almonds

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