Smoothies vs Juices and Plum Protein Smoothie (#Vegan, #LowGL, #GlutenFree)


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Before I go into details of this recipe I wanted to consider the benefits of smoothies and why I prefer them to juices. Firstly I need to say that I come from a perspective of being mildly insulin resistant and so I try to eat a low GL diet to keep my blood sugar under control. For more information on this check out my post on Glycemic index and Glycemic Load.

So this is where juices become a slight problem as many fruits have a large amount of sugar in them however this is released slowly due to the content of dietary fibre in fruit. When you juice fruit you keep all of the sugar and remove the fibre and so massively increase the speed at which the sugar is released and absorbed.

This leaves a lot of solutions, firstly if you are going to drink juice then you can use mainly low sugar vegetables like broccoli and spinach with a small amount of fruit juice for sweetness. If you do want to have fruit juice then diluting it 50:50 with water will reduce the sugar content and so make them easier to drink. Also some juices are worse than others even in terms of fruit. For example plums contain mostly xylitol which has less of an effect on blood sugar but grape juice will affect your blood sugar the same way as regular granulated sugar. The key is to be discerning!

I guess now I have considered juices we should think about smoothies which I love. These use the whole fruit and you usually use less fruit than in juices and so the sugar is a lot less concentrated. Also a smoothie can be used as a meal replacement as I did for this one. I had my Plum Protein Smoothie for breakfast with 2 Blueberry, Almond & Oat Breakfast Cookies. It kept me filled up for ages and bouncing full of energy.

The recipe for this smoothie is very easy and contains just 5 ingredients and tastes amazing plus as a massive advantage each serving has a GL of only 9 so is fine to have even if you are trying to lose weight. I will say one thing about smoothies that I am relatively new to them. It is writing this blog and reading others that I have become aware of them and I did not know what I was missing and would gladly have one everyday. So look out there could be a lot more recipes coming soon!

I have included the above picture in this post because me lovely little cat Freddie decided that he wanted to appear in my photo shoot for this smoothie, looking directly at the camera. So I did move and get a picture just of him and I got another one later in the day but it is hard as he acts scared of the camera and usually runs and hides when I get the camera out. I have shared a couple more pictures of him below:

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