Rye & Wholemeal Hot Cross Buns


A couple of weeks ago I decided to tidy up the kitchen so that I could get some of the new things that I have bought to fit in. It was a bit of a headache but had a nice side effect. As part of the tidy up I reorganised the cookbooks and got a lot of them out of a cupboard they had been put away in.

This was especially good as it includes all of my parents old cookbooks including one by The Cranks that was published in 1982 so just after I was born and has some excellent vegetarian recipes in it. To give you a bit of background, The Cranks was a vegetarian restaurant on Carnaby Street in London that opened in 1961. You could say it was well before its time but this cookbook included some of their most popular recipes.

The recipes are not only vegetarian but also healthy using a range of different flours, nuts, seeds and even raw sugar and utilises things that have only become generally popular recently. When I was browsing through it I came across their recipe for hot cross buns which looked easy to follow and something I could use as a basis for mine.

The recipe in The Cranks book is vegetarian so I had to make it vegan and made a few changes to suit my tastes but it was a brilliant place to start. Who would have thought that I would be using a cookbook that was written the same year that I was born!

I particularly like the fact that these buns are full of spice so unlike shop bought ones have loads of flavour. The rye flour does them make them more dense and rich than normal hot cross buns but they are full of flavour. My brother who is a massive fan of hot cross buns could not get enough of these so I guess that was the real test and they based.

As Easter is approaching very quickly now, get yours baked and serve them up on Easter Sunday to the whole family, they would make an excellent choice for brunch with coconut oil and jam.

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