Hot Cross Bun Spiced Granola (#Vegan, #LowGL)


Before I even think about telling you about this recipe I need to have a rant about technology. I think it has decided it does not like me today. As I said earlier in the week I have loads of paperwork to do at the moment and most of that is on the computer and my technology issues started this morning when my mail application on my mac would not open this morning.

When I say it would not open I mean that it was open but crashed and then just continually crashed time after time after time. I knew that I needed to update my operating system and thought that was probably it. So I left my computer updating while I went and had lunch, then I cam back to my computer 30 minutes later and it was still updating. Now almost 2 hours since I started the update I have finally got everything back up and running.

I only wanted to mention it because I find technology so frustrating which is frustrating in itself. I am reading a book on Jivamukti Yoga at the moment and one of the things I read this morning was about the “Ah so” attitude and I know that I should adopt that. Surprisingly enough just writing this is helping me to get there. Basically I could get angry, upset and irritated by the fact I am behind schedule and will probably not get everything I planned to do today done or I can just shrug my shoulders and say”Ah, so” and get on with my life. I think the later approach appeals to me most!

Ok so finally on with the recipe, well that is how it feels for me anyway. Granola is one of my favourite breakfasts but I prefer to make my own because store bought ones are just completely full of sugar. Now I know talk of hot cross buns does not quite fit now that Easter is over but if are missing the flavours then this is perfect for a bit of reminiscence. Full of spices and fruit flavours it will make your breakfast bowl smell of Easter.

There is actually no added sugar in this granola and it gets its sweetness from the goji berries, spices, coconut and a small amount of xylitol. I have packed this granola with seeds, using mixed ones that preferably include pumpkin, sunflower and flax so that you get a good blend of omega 3 and 6. Also I have used coconut oil when making this granola but if you prefer you can sub this out for some mild olive oil.

The other noticeable thing that I wanted to point out about it is that I made this granola on the hob in a large non-stick pan. It means you can whip it up very quickly but it gives you a more chewy texture which I quite like. If you want it to be more crispy then you can make it in the oven, just leave the seeds and berries out until it is cooked through.

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