Green Vegetable Quinoa + New Advice on Vegetable Intake


All over the news today there has been information about maybe we should be advised to eat 7 portions of fruit and vegetables instead of 5 due to additional health benefits. It is quite an interesting study and actually covers more than just the portions of fruit and veg but also which is best and how you get these portions.

The research was done at University College London and looked at data from the National Health Survey which gets annual data about people’s health and diet through questionnaires and nurse visits. The study looked at data collected between 2001 and 2008 and took data that was a snap shot of people’s diet and lifestyle. The results showed that as consumptions of fruit and veg went up death rates went down, the research showed:

  • 14% by eating one to three portions of fruit or veg per day
  • 29% for three to five
  • 36% for five to seven
  • 42% for seven or more (up to around 10 portions a day)
There were some other interesting findings in that there is no benefit to drinking fruit juice and that vegetables are the best for your health followed by salad and then fruit. It was also stated that tinned fruit and veg actually does harm to your health which might be because they are often tinned in sugar syrup.
However it is worth saying that this is just the first look at this and maybe more research is needed however I  think there is a general consensus that eating fresh vegetables is good for you. To help celebrate this new research I am sharing with you one of my favourite clear out the fridge recipes.
We all know the times where you really need to go shopping but don’t want to buy more veg until you have used up what you already have. This recipe was created on one of those occasions and I have been meaning to share it for a while and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. It will work well with any veg that you have left over, just be creative.

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