Blueberry, Almond & Oat Breakfast Cookies (#vegan, #LowGL, #sugarfree)


On Thursday in my post Smoothies vs Juices and Plum Protein Smoothie I mentioned that I has the smoothie for breakfast with 2 of these cookies. They do not need to be breakfast cookies though and would be an excellent choice for a Low GL snack in the middle of the day.

When I bake I try to use ingredients that are low in the Glycemic Load scale and in particular I always try and replace any sugar with Xylitol with is a low GL naturally occurring sweetener. Xylitol can be found naturally in fruits like plums and most berries and is as sweet as regular sugar but with a much lower effect on blood sugar. The Xylitol you find in shops is usually extracted from birch. One word of warning is that consuming large amounts can have a laxative effect like other sugar products can.

These cookies have also been made with ground oats and ground almonds, both of which have an excellent effect on blood sugar meaning that these cookies have a GI of only 36 and a GL per cookie of only 3. That means that as a snack you could have 2 of these, so if you are sticking to a low GL diet and want something a bit different to get stuck into mid morning or afternoon then these cookies would be an excellent option.

I mentioned a few weeks ago about a Cranks cookbook that I have “borrowed” from my mum and then great healthy old fashioned recipes in it that and this recipe is actually adapted from one of theirs. As the book is as old as me and it is vegetarian there are a few adjustments I need to make to bring it up to date but that was where the inspiration came from.

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