Weekly Roundup 21/03/14


As usual I am going to start with other people’s recipes that I really like and as usual I seem to have come up with mostly sweet recipes but I guess I just have a really sweet tooth. The recipes are detailed below starting in the top left hand corned of the image and working clockwise:

I have had quite a hectic week and have crammed lots of things into it and come across some interesting bits online, my highlights are:
  • I visited the Ideal Home Exhibition this week and although it was fun was a bit disappointing.
  • I went out for my first meal since sticking to a vegan diet and discovered just how much effort you need to put into it.
  • This great post from Make Real Food about non dairy yoghurt is really interesting and inspired me to have a go at making yoghurt.
  • I did a post yesterday about saturated fat which posed a lot of interesting questions and got my first hammering on Twitter because of it which was a new experience. It is for that reason that I don’t call myself a vegan and just say that I eat mostly a vegan diet, I am never going to be an angry vegan!

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