Vegan Lemon Baked Cheesecake with Raspberry Coulis


This I promise is my last post today and my final Mother’s Day recipe for this year. Now my mum loves lemon, she nearly always chooses a lemon dessert and so in preparation for tomorrow I have made this Vegan Baked Cheesecake. Plus I know how much she adores raspberries especially with lemon and so this is the perfect option for her.

For me it was great to make as it is the first vegan cheesecake I have made plus I practised making cream cheese using nuts. I used a recipe from Healthful Pursuit by substituted the cashew nuts for macadamia, I think it is just preference and what I had available!

Be warned that this is not for people on a diet and the nuts do give it quite a high calorie count but if you just have a little bit you should be fine. I actually only used Xylitol and Agave in it so keeping it relatively low GL. Plus as an extra bonus I used rough oat cakes in the base to keep it more on the healthy side.

I have to tell you that my mum was hovering while I was taking pictures and in fact I had to tell her to stop picking at it as she was leaving crumbs. I couldn’t be mean so gave her a little taste in advance of tomorrow and she loved it, so did the cat apparently! I can’t wait to get stuck in after lunch tomorrow.

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