Spiced Onion Marmalade (Vegan, Low GL, Gluten Free)


I am suffering from this really strange feeling today which seems to be something I feel the day after a football match, regardless of the result. Ok I do get a bit less sleep but I still got almost 7 hours last night but I feel hung over (without any alcohol) and like I have not slept.

There could be loads of reasons why this happens, one could be the fact that I get stressed leading up to the game and then during it I am sitting out in the cold and burning up loads of energy and so I need to rest more to recover. This is probably the most likely but it only seems to be football that causes this so needless to say I am really looking forward to the end of the season, especially this year!

Ok I have finished with moaning about feeling tired so on to the recipe. This onion marmalade uses a great range of spices that I would normally use in a curry just to give it something a little bit special. the best thing about this marmalade which I think technically should be called a chutney is you can make it in less than an hour and it will keep for a good few weeks in the fridge.

I am working on a great cheddar cheese recipe so that I can put this together with it, a bit like a cheese and pickle recipe and this would work perfectly with Spelt Soda Bread. Plus one great thins is that if you want and Indian spiced meal you could fry and onion and add some of this to it for a bit of a flavour hit.

Spiced Onion Marmalade

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