Pistachio and Lime Bites


Recently I have been having a few problems with my baking, I think it is me getting used to doing everything vegan and not using eggs and butter which is harder than I thought it was. This was something that could have been a disaster but ended up being really tasty and actually a bit of a success.

So the idea can from a trip to La Fromagerie to get the world’s best sourdough bread and they have loads of cakes available and one was a Pistachio and Lemon cake and I thought it would be great to make a vegan version of it. So I came back, looked around for recipes and came up with a great one from The Little Loaf and thought I would veganise it (if that is a word?) and use limes instead of lemons.

So the changes I made include using coconut oil instead of butter and Organ No Egg instead of eggs. I also have a thing about not using sugar so I swapped the sugar for a mixture of Xylitol and powdered agave. I forgot about the fact powdered agave is difficult to bake with and tends to split into fat and not really set which did cause a problem. I will say as well that when I was making this I thought that all the ground nuts and coconut oil in it would make something a bit fatty and not like a cake but I went with it.

What ended up happening was something that was very soft and so I had to cool it really well to get it to set and it came out a bit like sweets, a bit of a cross between cake and baklava. The taste was amazing and I just wanted to keep eating it but it definitely was not the cake I intended to get. I guess sometimes you just get a nice surprise and end up with something you would never have thought of making.

Pistachio & Lime Bites

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