Peanut Butter & Choc Chunk Bean Blondies (Vegan, Low GL, Gluten-Free)


Before I get to the recipe I have some bits to go through first. The first is that I have now put together a new Recipes page where you can find all of my recipes categorised and with little images making them much easier to find. Obviously this blog is still a new one and so the number of recipes is limited but will grow over time.

The other thing that I was wondering about is how much to share on this blog. Sometimes when I write a recipe post I am not sure how much to detail my day and also my life. I suppose there is a balancing act between sharing my recipes and motivations to creating them as well as making this a blog that is true to me but also not giving away things about people that they don’t want shared.

There are time when I write posts and want to get my recipe to you but just do not have anything real or interesting to say and I feel like my post is slightly stilted and then there are other days like today where I could just rattle on about a load of rubbish, neither of which do I think really gives you any information about me that isn’t generalised and slightly drab but that might just be the mood I am in.

Having said that, I got to half way through writing this blog and heard this really loud crash from downstairs that went on for about 20 seconds. It frightened me and made me think that my mum was having a seizure and so I ran downstairs to find my mum safe and well but one of the cupboards had collapsed all over the floor.

She then mentioned that our cat was in the kitchen and we both looked at each other with terrified thoughts going through our minds as she lifted a pile of trays. Fortunately he was not there, he is far to quick for that but it was so scary we were both shaking. Not what I expected for a Tuesday morning before my regular yoga class.

The recipe today was a bit of a fusion between 2 different recipes that I have come across. The first one being more of an inspiration from One Ingredient Chef and his Peanut Butter Cup Oatmeal which I have incorporated into my breakfast menu and just love the flavour combination. The other recipe is some wonderful Bean Brownies from Green Kitchen Stories which are tasty and more healthy.

By putting these two lovely recipes together and adding my own twist I have come up with these really amazing blondies. I took them to the gym with me and they went down well and did not last very long.

Peanut Butter & Choc Chunk Bean Blondies

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